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CSMIO/IP-S Ethernet Motion Controller by CS-Lab Electronics (CNC)

- PC connection via Ethernet.
- 6 axis controller.
- STEP frequency to 4MHz (differential outputs, very resistant to interference).
- Extremely stable machine speed control, thanks to the FPGA and advanced control algorithms.
- 32 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs (possibility to extend to 192 inputs / 96 outputs through additional modules).
- 4 analog inputs / 2 analog outputs (0-10V).
- All I/O are optically isolated, protected against short circuit, overheating, industry standard - 24V.
- Up to 3 slave axis support, machine geometry correction.
- Spindle inverter control through analog outputs.
- An extension of functionality through additional CanOpen modules. Currently available modules:
    CSMIO-IO – module of 16 additional inputs and 8 outputs (24V, optical isolation, overload protection). Possible to connect 10 of these modules.
    CSMIO-JOG – MPG connection modules – smooth control of the machine motion, automatic switching between speed and position mode.
    Work is underway on the CSMIO-SCAN module - to operate the laser scanner.

- Solid aluminium enclosure that discharge the heat very well and perfectly protects the electronic of the device.
- Comfortable Din-rail mounting.
- Succesfully developed software and the ability to update by yourself.
- The possibility to control all digital and analog signals by VisualBasic macros.
- Support for the FAULT signals of the servodrives – immediate machine stop In case of failure of any axis.
- RESET support for the axis drives.
- Readable LED controls on the front panel for easy installation.

In the next updates will be support for screws mapping and threading.

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