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Does anybody have any information on the (Bosch Servo Motor SG-Y1.016.060-03.010) on how to connect it, the pin-outs? I've got this motor out of eBay and I have no documentation on it whatsoever. Please help me! Attached is the name plate:

Thank You, Luiz

I connected an Old PC 1.2GHz running Mach3 to a Breakout Board (Attached), then the board to an Allen Bradley Ultra-100(1398-DDM-005) Servo Drive, that is connected to an Allen Bradley Y-1002-1 Servo Motor (Incremental 2000 lines/revolution encoder).

The board only has Step+ / Dir+ and Com per axis. However the Drive J1 plug has the following pin-out for the Auxiliary Encoder:
pin 14 (AX+/CW+/STEP+) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel A+
pin 15 (AX-/CW-/STEP-) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel A-
pin 16 (BX+/CCW+/DIR+) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel B+
pin 17 (BX-/CCW-/DIR-) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel B-
pin 18 (IX+) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel I+
pin 19 (IX-) = Auxiliary Encoder Channel I-

So I connected the Board's Step+ to pin 14 and Dir+ to pin 16, and using Ultra-Master I connected to the Drive using its serial port and setup the Operation Mode to be: Follower: Step and Direction. After setting the velocity at maximum on Mach3, I only got 270 RPM although the motor is 4500 RPM rated. I've got 4320 RPM by going into the Drive Parameter on the Follower tab and gearing it to 16:1. Of course, 16 x 270 is 4320! I don't think is right to gear a motor that much...

Now the questions:
1 - Is the PC or Mach3 not fast enough to send those pulses? It's only 01 axis trial...
2 - Does the motor encoder has too much resolution for the program?
3 - Or is the Board I've got so cheap and it does not have Step- and Dir-?
4 - How important is Step- Dir- IX+ IX-? And what are they for?
5 - What types of pulses do the PLCs and controllers send to the Drive on the industry?
6 - If I do need a much better Motion Control card with Step+- and Dir+-, does anybody know a good source with a fair price?

Allen Bradley calls the connection I've made "External Step/Direction Interface via Single-Ended TTL Line Drivers (not recommended)".
What I would like to do is: "External Step/Direction Interface via TTL Differential Line Drivers (recommended)", but for that the controller must have Step- and Dir-.

Thanks in advance!

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