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Brains Development / ModIO THC success
« on: July 17, 2011, 06:42:11 AM »
After tinkering for some time, and lots of trial and error I believe I have finally built a brain that will do my THC using 2 analog inputs and one discrete input through ModIO.
I have tested it as much as I can until I get the right control cable for my plasma, and will post a 'how to' once I am happy with it but thought I'd share and see if I can get some input in case there are any glaring mistakes or omissions. Perhaps someone else can test it too.
The voltage divider in the plasma cutter gives a 0 - 7V signal (which I need to limit to 5V) on input 1. (For testing I am using a pot off the 5V on the ModIO)
This is compared to the voltage from a pot off the 5V on the ModIO as input 2. This will be the height setting.
Torch speed is compared to set feedrate using a formula with the percentage from the anti-dive DRO and fed through the AND gate for anti-dive on tight corners or slow machines.
TO USE THC YOU MUST USE THE ARC GOOD INPUT IN MACH 3!! If I'd known this it would have saved me hours of needless hair tearing and head scratchin.
Also make sure the THC speed is set LOW or your Z axis is likely to stall, probably more on Torch Up causing downwards creep. Mine works well at 10.
The Torch Up and Torch Down terminators may be back to front, but I don't know until I hook it up fully.

All feedback welcome, and I'd really appreciate if someone can tell me the best way to limit the 0 - 7V to 5.3V max without killing the signal, and perhaps how to get a smoother signal from the ModIO or smooth it out within the brain without sacrificing too much sensitivity.


General Mach Discussion / THC controls in Mach
« on: July 03, 2011, 07:45:59 AM »
Can anyone enlighten me as to what Mach3 does with the Torch up and Torch down inputs in the plasma screen set.
Is it possible to map them to step and direction outputs, preferably on the Z.
I have written a THC brain that does everything I want it to, except cause Mach to move the axis.


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