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Any ideas why extra "hooks and loops" show up when routing a part outline consisting of a series of arcs? I've been routing about 15 or 20 different outlines
(guitar pickguards) successfully, then suddenly a new wrinkle shows up.  Cad files are created in Flexisign, (poly line curves) exported as .dxf, to BobCad,  .dwg, cleaned up to make arcs tangential and features more dimensionally correct, then BobCam to generate gcode with Mach3 post. 
I struggled through lots of learning re. lead-ins/-outs, and issues with tool path offsets (thanks to many good forum posts as resources)
I can't see any difference in the code from other parts of the same outline. I've zoomed in on the .dxf and .dwg drawings and can see no breaks or flaws in the joining of the arc endpoints. I've tried re-starting Mach, reloading code, re-creating code.  So far, it's the only drawing to show the problem.
I hope the attached files are enough info for a clear understanding. Thanks a bunch.

General Mach Discussion / G41 giving unexpected move
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:55:27 PM »
I'm trying to get my router to make .140 dia. holes with a .125 dia. bit.  Drawing is a .dxf imported into BobCad w/ Gcode generated after cleanup, tool dia is set in BobCad and G41 is automatically inserted.  the holes are drawn as .07 rad. arcs. I had problems with Mach3 making a few holes (out of about 18) correctly, but for the rest the machine makes a " J " or " S " shaped move or a larger dia. hole as if G41 is ignored (all arcs are CCW in direction on the drawing). The code looks the same for each hole (only location numbers for x and y change). I took the code and ran it through a gcode to dxf converter and it came out as a clean drawing, identical to the original.  I've tried many times re-generating the code in BobCad. each time a different hole (or holes) comes out correctly.  I havn't cut material yet, just a flyover to check the program.  I don't have much hair left.  The router works great using PhotVCarve.  One time I forgot to add a line for tool number so it made the tool path without an offset, the holes were all round but of course would have been too large.  when I added   M6 T4  it went back to the S or J motions for most of the holes.
There are 3 rectangles w/ large rad. corners that come out right w/ proper offset.  BTW, I'm trying to make a guitar pickguard.

Why the J or S moves? 

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / G Code Basics
« on: July 09, 2011, 12:03:37 PM »
Where can I find a tutorial of Mach3 version g code beyond just the quick reference available from the button on the Mach3 screen?   Many of the posts here are helpful, but assume a prior knowledge of the basics (i.e. of syntax and allowable commands for subroutines) which I don't have.  My old brain protests trying to piece together and draw inferences from scattered bits of information. there must be something, somewhere, laying out the groundrules for crusty noobies. :D  thanks

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