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General Mach Discussion / 3d probing/digitizing - getting started
« on: September 21, 2012, 09:17:32 AM »
Hi everyone.
Anyone got any recommendations for getting started in 3d probing. Software, hardware etc.

I have been doing a little research but so far still at the slightly confused stage.

I have seen plenty reference to Mach Cloud but there does not seem to be a down load any more?

I want to be able to probe a 3d curved shapes and scale them up or down for creating G-code (or maybe I can use the scale facility in mach3 next to the DRO's?)

Any suggestions, experience and help very much appreciated.


General Mach Discussion / Sync mill spindle with rotary axis possible?
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:48:23 PM »
Hi everyone
I am thinking of buying compucut gear hobbing sync hardware/software to allow me to cut helical gears on my mill.

However, I was wondering if it's possible to syc the mill spindle with a rotary axis using Mach for turning.

Anyone tried this?

I am a newbie and have used mach 3 for milling very successfully over the last year but I have no experience yet of cnc turning, that's another project.

Your guidance appreciated.


I am running my Sherline mill with a G540 driver and apart from occassional false e-stops everything is great.
False E-stops are becoming more frequent though. This is my only frustration with this set up.
Limit stop wires are in the same cable as the stepper motor wires and no screening so this is an area for immeadiate improvement.

I ran a 3 hour g-code without the spindle running and no problems, the same g-code with the spindle running gave several false e-stops, (strangely occasionally at the same g code lline!).

Not being knowledgable about such things it would seem the motor and/or it's controller are causing noise problems. (It's a DC motor with brushes)

I was wondering if I wramp the cables in alumimium foil or tape and earth this is it suitable screening? (I will re-route the limit switch wires separate from the motor wires)

Also I was wondering, if I were to put the controller in a Faraday cage, would it help? Anyone done anything like this? or is it just silly?
I would think a Faraday cage could be made from steel mesh and earthed. I know Faraday cages are used in high voltage areas to protect equipment, not sure if it's applicable here.

Additional info if applicable:
Power supply and G540 are in an enclosure together with an e-stop switch and cableing- there is no other E stop switch.
Enclosure with controller is within 2 to 3 ft of the mill.

Any comments appreciated.


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / g-code from a spread sheet ?
« on: November 02, 2011, 06:47:39 PM »
My recent entry into CNC had a troublesome start with hardware issues but now all is working I am having great success using Vectric 2d and meshcam software. I have several CNC components complete and enjoying the experience.

Now I am getting interested in how to write gcode, I can see some future projects with geometry that can be calculated from formulae, one such being roughing out a multi throw crankshaft on the mill for example.

Now, I don't know if this is a silly question but is it possible to generate gcode from a spread sheet and copy straight into notebook then into Mach 3? Or is it a case of painstakingly copying the calculation results into notebook line by line?

Or are there better ways? What methods are used when formulae are needed to calculate xyz and 4th axis moves?


General Mach Discussion / Computer problem after running mach3
« on: June 26, 2011, 04:39:00 PM »
I am trying to convert my mill to cnc but have a problem with computers.
Computer 1 - loaded mach 3, got the steppers working in toggle mode OK, then started to have problems starting my computer after shut down, took 3 or 4 goes each time than nothing.
Computer 2 - again got my steppers working, connected up the limit switches, when trying to jog but got a long message ,words to the effect, " motors can not operate because possibly a limit witch is activated", which was strange as I had not enables the switches, then mach 3 locked up, I shut down my computer, since then it will not reboot.

I bought the computer second hand, the dealer replaced the first computer with the second computer, both had been thoroughly tested by the dealer.
This is all in a few days, both used xp home edition.

Can this be a coincidence?
What can be the problem?
I am not sure it's fair to take this second computer back to the dealer , I am reluctant to spend money on yet another computer.

Anyone had similar problems?
Any suggestions or help appreciated

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