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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 problem with new cnc
« on: May 28, 2011, 11:25:19 PM »
I have two computers

#1 (very old Dell)
450mhz CPU
500mb ram
64mb delicated graphix card
Frequency Pulse: showing 25001 or so and it stay solid

#2 (IMB think centre, just bought it from craiglist yesterday)
1gb ram
128 Intel Shared Chip graphic
Frequency Pulse: showing 2000o or so, but fluctuate up and down about 50-100.

I have been using the old computer (Dell) to run test on my new CNC router, which have the Xylotex driver. Pretty much I left everything at Mach3 default and it work just fine. The funny thing is when I tried with the new computer... there's a problem. The setting on Mach3 are the same for both comp. IN the Motor Tuning window, the new one work too... I can jog back and forth at 2000mm/m just fine for all axis. But as soon as I EXIT that window and jog normally... every is mess up, stepper motor stall and run like a jig saw...and barely can travel at all.

To confirm this, I hook the driver back to the old comp (Dell) and as expected, it work just fine. What the hell right? So I change the Frequency to 35,000hz (IBM comp) and does not fix anything. So I took the IBM comp and plug it into my old Hubbard CNC Unipolar driver and... it seem to run it just fine.


I have search all day and read somewhere someone said he was having a lot of trouble with his PC with a shared Graphic card?

Do you think this could be my problem?

What I don't understand is, why does it work FINE under the Motor Tune window....??? and why did the IBM work fine with my old cnc/driver... I dont get it...

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