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Been using SmoothStepper for the past 10 months and have had numerous problems, most of which turned out to be a faulty unit.

Everything has been sorted out except for one final issue which happens randomly.

SmoothStepper loses communication with Mach3 when the spindle turns on and/or off, which is just before a toolchange or just after a toolchange.

The reason it's random is that it can happen with the first 3 or 4 toolchanges of the day, or during the middle of the day, or even right at the end of the day.

I probably do average 30 - 80 automatic toolchanges per day and like clockwork, smoothstepper will hang mach3 ONCE everyday.

Any advise/suggestion would be greatly appreciated as I LOVE MY SMOOTHSTEPPER :)

So our main business is engraving hot foiling and embossing blocks, so figured I'll post some pics of things we have done on our machine in the past :)

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