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General Mach Discussion / MachCloud expertise
« on: July 27, 2011, 06:33:42 PM »

I am looking for anyone with experience in MachCloud. I have downloaded and installed the app. I created a point cloud file in Mach3 by probing an object. My issue is that the MachCloud help file does not open, and I cannot find any documentation on using it. Does anyone know where the I can find a manual or would be willing to share their knowledge of MachCloud?

Thank you,


Video P*r*o*b*i*n*g / Machcloud file extension question
« on: July 26, 2011, 04:44:46 PM »

This may not be the correct forum space, but I hope someone can help me with a basic question.

When I use the Mach3 digitize wizard, it indicates the point cloud file will be saved as a Triplet .txt file.

However, the file is not saved as a .txt file, even though I selected and named the .txt at the Cycle Start. (The properties of the file are shown as simply 'file' with no extension).

When I select File/Open in MachCloud, it does not see the saved file. MachColud asks for a 'Point cloud Ascii*.txt file, which as I understand it is a readable text file.

If I open the file in WordPad and save it as a .txt file, Machcloud sees the file, but will not open it. The x, y, and z coordinates are correctly displayed in the file, but I get a 'Cloudview: An open GL error occurred : Invalid Value' error. and the application hangs up.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?



Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / Digitize Wizard Issues
« on: July 22, 2011, 05:02:22 PM »

I am attempting to digitize a chair seat surface. I am entering the parameters and am successful at generating the g-code for the probe process. I have tested the probe and see the LED on the Diagnostics page change color. 

My probe follows the code correctly. I do get 'Ignore Probe' errors, which stop the process until I restart the cycle.

However, when I look at the .tap file code there is no change in the Z axis, that is, the process is not recording the surface.

I am attaching the first part of the tap file saved as a word document.

Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?



General Mach Discussion / Mach3, Probe, and Digitize Wizard Issue
« on: May 31, 2011, 09:33:50 PM »
I am new to this forum and to CNC.

I am running Mach3 on a clean Windows7 PC.

I have successfully run a GC file to create an engraved logo.

I have installed a digitizing probe, loaded the Probe plugin, and am running in the Probe profile.

I see an LED light on the probe light up when the probe is moved.

I have tested the probe with an ohmmeter and get a break in resistance when the probe is moved.

The probe leads are connected to Parallel Pins 1 (ground) and 10 thru a Gecko G540 (port pins, not the Gecko connections: confirmed with the manufacturer).

I have reversed and re-installed the leads, same results. Testing at the Gecko connections gives the same resistance results.

This leads me to believe the probe and its connections are performing per design.

However, when I select the Digitizing Wizard, set parameters, create and load G-Code, then select 'run cycle' I get this DRO error message 'Probe Ignore, activated at call for probe'.  ???

The CNC head does not move, nor will it respond to the shuttle (that's expected in Probe Profile, I think).

On the Diagnostics screen, the Digitize option is lit and does not flicker or change in response to probe movement, tho I do see the LED on the probe light up when the probe is moved.

Does anyone have any further suggestions as to how to test and/or resolve this issue?  :-\

I have tried to give a complete description of my issue, but if I missed something please ask.

Thank you for your time and attention,


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