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General Mach Discussion / Mill as Lathe tool offest question
« on: August 25, 2012, 09:17:27 PM »
I have my mill working as a lathe. I copied my milling screen and renamed it as a .lset file so I could get the Y axis DRO.

I want to set up 6 tools and need to figure out if I can use the tool table by some how adding in the Y axis offset or if I have to
program the tool offsets in each gcode file I make?

Thank you for the help.

I need a little direction here.

I started playing around with lathe operations on my milling machine.  Stock held in the spindle and tools bolted to
the table. 

I have successfully cut a part on both the mill and the lathe screen.  One the mill screen I had to switch all G2 commands
to G3 commands and all G3 to G2.  I can easily edit my post possessor in CamBam to do this for me so it is not a big deal.

My main question is which one would be better?

I want to eventually set up a multiple tools on the bed of the mill and use work coordinate offsets to locate each one.

Question, Can that be done in the lathe screens?  The lathe screen has no Y so I am not sure how it can be done?

Thank you for the help.


I run a semi manual tool change macro and need to set the tool change location often.

The way I currently do this is to read machine coordinance from the DRO and then switch
to the setup screen and manually type in the numbers.

What would be fantastic is a simple button on the setup screen that will put the current
machine coordinance into the tool change location. 

Any idea's?

Thank you

Hi guys,
I was running a part and Mach threw a E-stop with an error message of "application defined or object defined error".
This was on a line with M3 S6500 command.  I changed the speed to S6000 and the code ran fine.

Any ideas?

Hi guys,  

Thought I would share my first real kit made with my small mill and Mach3.


General Mach Discussion / Video Edge Finder
« on: August 28, 2011, 05:05:28 PM »
Hi guys,

I ordered a cheap Logitec e1000 video camera off ebay for 7.00 shipped and went about
making a holder for it yesterday.

Here is a youtube video of the results.


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