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Post Processors / Mach3 postprocessor for Mastercam X6
« on: December 21, 2011, 04:32:00 AM »

DO you have postprocessor gor mastercam X6 please ?

Thanks !


I am using compensation on XY axis with the formula for squarness compensation :

 X = X
 Y = Y + (X*0.005)
 Z = Z

With this setup, when I do a MDI "G0 Z1", only the Z axis is moving. It's ok...

Unfortenalty, when i do a MDI "G31 Z-0.5 F10" to probe a point, the Z axis AND the Y axis are moving... :(

When I disable formula, I havent this problem...

Is is normal or a bug ?

Thanks for your help.



I saw somewhere that it is possible to compensate the squarness under mach3 using formula :

For example, if your Y axis is tilted to the right by 0.003"/inch, you could enter a formula like this:

X = X - (Y * 0.003)
Y = Y

On a "straight" machine, when you tell Mach3 to move from Y0.000 to Y1.000, Y will move 1.000", and X will not move at all.  On this hypothetical crooked machine, that same move will cause Y to move 1.000", but X will also move to the right, off-true, by 0.003", due to the error in the machine.  Entering the above formula un-does this error.  So, now when you command a move from Y0.000 to Y1.000, Mach will actually do a two-axis move, from X0.000, Y0.000 to X-0.003, Y1.000, "un-doing" the error in the machine.

My question is : Does this compensation methode work with all sort of form (circle, ....) or only for rectangular forms ?

Thanks you for your help.


Currently, for milling a non flat surface, I do probing on my non flat surface with a plugin, that give me XYZ file. Then, I import it into Solidworks for creating a surface. Under mastercam, i use the function PROJECT to project the ideal toolpath on my surface created uner solidworks and I use the result to mill the non flat surface under mach3.

That works perfectly.

But is there a way to make mach3 automaticly project a toolpath on the probing result of the non flat surface, that is to say no using solidworks never mastercam project function ?

Thanks you for your help. Regards.

PS : Or perhaps there is a plugin for doing this...


I've try to add a menu whith the code below in myPostInitControl :

   CFrameWnd *MachFrame = MachView->MachFrame;           //Prblem here -> MachFrame = 0x00000
   CMenu *menu = MachFrame->GetMenu();
   HMENU hSubmenu = CreatePopupMenu();
   int pos = FindMenuItem3(menu,"PlugIn Control");
    //here we can add menu items to MAch3's menu..
   int x = pos;
   HMENU control = GetSubMenu( menu->m_hMenu, pos);
    InsertMenu ( control, -1, MF_BYPOSITION, RangeStart , _T("kk") );

Compling is OK but when I start mach3, I've gort a error triged . After debugging the dll, I saw that MachFrame  is equal to 0x00000 so there is a probleme somewhere.... Do you know where is the problem whith this code ?

I've use the "mach3 internal and plugin bible" http://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB0QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnczone.com%2Fforums%2Fattachment.php%3Fattachmentid%3D113858%26d%3D1283534276&rct=j&q=mach3%20plugin%20bible&ei=iafJTZ6aK8TMhAe1h-isDQ&usg=AFQjCNEpq4AGpFKRAqSJRPQAkVSXY1PcwQ&sig2=fiIfMq0sLSH2yqb4P_68Vg&cad=rja

Thanks a lot for your help.

PS : I can add a menu by searching the "Mach3 CNC" window and using his HWND, that works perfectly... but myNotify is not called when I click a menu item under mach3... :( So I dont know hox to do for handle Menu Item click in thsi case ...

hello all :)

I've created a litle plugin and I'd like to add a link on the mach3 main menu to be able to execute it directly, without the need of use plugin menu and click config...

Can someone help me with this ?

Thanks you very much for your help. Regards.

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