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General Mach Discussion / program stops running
« on: April 22, 2011, 08:40:29 PM »
Well I am not sure exactly what is causing my problem but basically what happens is that when I am running a program, the machine always stops in the same place.  I am using Vectric Cut 2D/3D.  When I using the cam software (Cut 2D) I can preview the tool paths and everything looks fine (ie the entire program runs).  But when I run the program on the CNC it stops running early in the program.  The only thing I can see is that a message comes up at the bottom of the screen stating "too fast for pulley, using max speed instead".  I have slowed the program down to try to avoid this with no success.  I have upgraded my computer because my last one stopped working so this may be related to the problem as I never had these problems previously and it has not worked properly since.  I have tried multiple programs and they all stop part way into the program.  I am using Solidworks DWGeditor to create my 2d parts and have tried exporting in various different dxf formats.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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