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General Mach Discussion / Diagonal Lines not smooth - Router
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:42:35 PM »
Hi Guys,

I'm having a bit of a recurring, yet intermittent problem with our router.

On Diagonal moves, it seems that we are getting uneven X and Y Axis moves.
All the output files LOOK Ok (Outputting G Code from Vectric V Carve), but on SOME diagonals we are getting "steppy" cuts.

This is causing great hassle when engraving in stainless steel and aluminium as we do quite often.

We have played with the "Stop CV on arcs >X degrees" setting previously, It's currently set to 8 Degrees as much less than this sees square corners curved off.

Any ideas on this would be of great help!

The pictures show the problem as it has occurred just now, The job is 1400mm long (X Axis) x 550mm wide (Y Axis) and engraved area is approximately 350mm high (Y Axis) x 835mm long X Axis.

Thanks for your help!

Gday Guys,

We had our Matcam (Multicam) machine upgraded by CNC Teknix recently and we are just working out some bugs,

We have found that using CV mode in Mach3, optimises the motion too much causing engraving to be cut-off, but exact stop mode causes jerky movement and inconsistant engraving (See attached .JPGs)

Setting the "turn off CV mode when angle >" setting (General settings) does help,

a setting of 5 degrees = jerky movement (like Exact stop mode)
A setting of 10 degrees = "reasonable movement" - but still inconsistent engraving (As per attached JPGS)
a setting of 15 degrees = smoother movement but the "diagonal" lines are "wavy" rather than straight.

Would anyone have any ideas on how to tweak this issue out please?


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Enroute 4.2 to Mach 3
« on: April 12, 2011, 09:00:26 PM »
Hi Guys,

We have recently upgraded out Multicam 3 Axis CNC router from the proprietory control system to a system that uses server drives driven by mach 3.

The question / issue i now have relates to the post processor that Enroute uses to output the code to Mach3 (mill).

Just as a note - i know 2/5 of bugger all about G-Code as i am not a machinist, I learnt to program and use our router through enroute only! I have had only VERY limited G-Cade experience and dont know any of the codes off by heart!

I am using the "Mach 3 IJARCS" post processor ( called a driver in Enroute) however i am finding the following problems:

I have attached the .TAP file output by Enroute and will discuss the lines that i notice faults on.

1) - Line N30 - Enroute is putting a tool command in the G code asking for tool that does not exist - We do NOT have a tool changer and we install the tool as per my program in Enroute
2) - Enroute is not calling for the misting unit to be activated on plunge ( G8 i believe should be the code to activate the mister, and G9 to de-activate? but i'm not sure of these codes)
3) - Tool Movement speeds seem to be in incorrect units - I have selected mm/second in the program, but it still seems to output in mm/minute (I have not had a chance to work out what is actually happening here - but the driver is definitely not using the units i selected)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, I have emailed SAi who make EnRoute to see if there is a post processor that is known to work with mach but i have had no reply.


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