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General Mach Discussion / New User - Unable to Jog?
« on: April 03, 2011, 01:05:30 AM »
Hi All!

I'm new to Mach3, and I've just ordered my first machine, a small CNC router. I would like to control it with Mach3. I don't have the machine yet, but I am trying to install Mach and experiment with it.

I've decided to try using a Thinkpad T42, mainly because I have one I'm not currently using, and I'd prefer a portable machine. I know I might have some trouble getting the parallel port to work nicely, but I will give the solutions presented in other posts a try and see what happens.

The part that's confusing me right now is that I'm having trouble getting Mach to respond in the way I think it should. I installed it on another machine (just to see if it would work), and I was able to install and then jog the axes and watch the DRO change. No configuration needed, etc. Then I installed on the Thinkpad. When I try to jog via the keyboard, and also when I open the onscreen MPG by pressing tab nothing happens. I can press the buttons but the DRO never change. I haven't messed with the configuration on this computer either, so I'm not sure why one works and the other doesn't.

So I know I'm probably missing something obvious, but what am I doing wrong? Should I be able to install and immediately jog? If that isn't working, where should I look?


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