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General Mach Discussion / Coil Winding 101
« on: March 27, 2011, 08:10:53 PM »
Hello All, new to this forum.  I have taken some CNC Classes from a community college, but I am by all means new to Mach3, and the parts of CNC.  I run a CNC daily using Mastercam, and am familiar with G and M codes.

I want to build my first CNC, a coil winding machine for guitar pickups.  I'm thinkning of using a servo for the spindle, and stepper for the wire guide.  All I need is a variable speed spindle and a small amount of Z axis traverse.  I don't need much torque, I'll be using 40-45 AWG.  My idea is to control the Z feed (wire guide) using a pendant (Vista's iMach?), and the spindle using some sort of foot control to vary the spindle speed. 

1.  Is this plausible?
2.  Could Mach3 duplicate my jogging (not MDI) moves and spindle variations using Teach or Copycat?

Also, any recommendations for parts would be very helpful



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