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General Mach Discussion / I Keep Breaking Engraving Bits....
« on: May 08, 2011, 04:44:30 AM »
I've been running my Taig CNC and every time I try and engrave, I end up breaking bits. I'm setting my code to do .001" per pass and 3IPM. I'm trying to engrave a piece of hardened steel (Uzi bolt) and it started engraving fine, but then the bits chip. I usually get about 20% of the way through before they break. What is the best way to fix this? Slower passes? Faster spindle speed? Cut less per pass? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Engraving With CamBam And Mach3...
« on: April 01, 2011, 05:36:36 AM »
OK, when I draw up what I want engraved and then tell Cambam to write up G-Code, it saves the file, but then when I open it in Mach 3 it shows a HUGE spiral around what I want engraved. I know it's something small as it doesn't do this EVERY time but I can't figure out what I'm writing up wrong here. Any ideas?

Share Your GCode / Suppressor Designs?
« on: April 01, 2011, 04:30:52 AM »
Anyone designed up a suppressor for a pistol or a rifle yet? I'm slowly getting to that, just curious if anyone else has yet.

General Mach Discussion / Can't Get Mach 3 To Work...Running Via USB.
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:49:20 AM »
I purchased a Taig CNC kit from Soigeneris and got it all put together today with the Soigeneris STDR-4C USB 3 axis kit and I'm trying to run Mach 3 from my laptop. I can't figure out how to set the ports and pins to get it to recognize the USB. I entered my USB port address (which is 00001) and it wasn't responding to any commands given. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get this thing to run? Thanks in advance.

General Mach Discussion / Machining Damascus Steel Questions
« on: March 17, 2011, 01:13:08 AM »
Anything special I should know about working with Damascus steel before I ruin a ton of endmills making parts? Also, does anyone know of a good site to order large pieces of Damascus?

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