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General Mach Discussion / newbie home question
« on: March 08, 2011, 08:48:00 PM »
whats going on guys i guess ill introduce myself first, my names chris, i have some cnc background (nothing major I am only 21 so i have a little over a year experience). I have worked on haas milling machines, leblond makino milling machines and work daily on a lumonics cnc laser...

anyways the reason why I am here is because my uncle recently purchased a romaxx cnc router and the mach3 software..
i will definately be utilizing this forum as i am confused with a few things..
first off is, when i try to home the machine out, it doesnt recognize the software limits and attempts to overtravel into the next room lol. i have played around with the different limits to try and get the machine to function but it does not seem to home properly..

now before that is answered i will say that at one point the machine did home (according to another guy who attempted to run the machine) and now that we have the machine back in our possession it has been difficult to say the least..

sorry for the silly question i feel pretty stupid i cant home it out lol

also when manually jogging, left and right jog x, and up and down jog y respectively. my question is how do you jog the z axis? holding shift and control seem to rapid and slow the feed down..whats the trick to the z?

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