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Here is the scenario.  A standard 3 axis router table with a 4th slaved to the X axis.  The gantry will have 3 routers mounted so that I can make 3 identical cuts at the same time.  This requires a Y and Z control for each of the three which brings the total control up to 8.
 Now the first two routers will take up the last 4 axis (Y,Z) that Mach can control.  But what about the last router?  Is there a way to split the signal of the last 2 channels as they leave the computer and run them into a seperate 2 axis system (power source, driver etc) to run these last router's Y&Z axis?  Remember the Ys and Z movements will all be identical.
  If this is possible what hardware do I need?  Just a way to split the wires to run to the seperate driver, power?
  Thanks in advance. Mtntop

I know how to do this mechanically, I'm looking to do it electronically.

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