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Hello I shall do a stop motion animation and I will use Mach 3 to move the camera to the right position for every single shot with the camera. Therefore I will do a G-code with the correct cordinates for the camera for every shot and the question is can I make mach 3 to stop after every G-code line so it just move the camera a tiny bit and continue to the next position when I press a button on the keyboard or so?

Thanks for helping me! 

Hello I wonder if it is a bad idé to connect two nema 23 steppermotor to one port of the controller board? I have tried it and it works if I don't drive the motors to fast. Can I harm the controller board or something else if I do like this?

General Mach Discussion / my 5 step motors acting strangely
« on: March 02, 2011, 10:42:02 AM »
I wonder if there is no basic beginner's guide on how to troubleshoot Mach3 when you try to get five stepper motors to function. I have read all Mach3Mill Install and Config Guide, and the data sheet that came with stepper motor control board. If I pull out the 25-pin cable to the card and control the motors with 15-pin remote control the engines behaves as they should. If I put in 25-pin cable goes axis X in the same direction regardless of whether I press the x + or x- and Z do not want to move at all. If I try to jog the motors in Mach3 so all stand still until you press X + then A is able to rotate until you press X- then all motors are dead again. It all seems weird but I have set all the ports and pins as the manual says. I do not know where to begin to troubleshoot please help me!

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