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Can anybody please help me with this ?

I have been running my converted Morbidelli U50 for some years basically as a single spindle unit, although I had previously got all the devices working in test mode from the Mach 3 command line. I recently created some G code calling one of the extra devices and had a potentially serious problem of the drill momentary becoming active and if the Z axis was not well clear of the work at the time it would have been a crash.

Please note that this is not a Z axis issue as the Morbidelli has Pneumatic cylinder/solenoid on all devices to keep them out of the way until needed. It is a bit like the old pen plotter ‘pen up’ or ‘pen down’.

I am using ‘SetUserLED’ commands in custom ‘M code’ to drive the extended outputs on Mach 3 running a Vital controller and am having a problem when loading ‘G code’ that will be calling one of the custom ‘M code’ commands containing ‘SetUserLED’ activation (on) e.g. “SetUserLED(2022, 1)”. The device will momentary pulse on with potentially dangerous results. When running the ‘G code’ the custom ‘M code’ behaves as is desired. I have incrementally tested and ruled out all but ‘SetUserLED’ activation. Thus I do not believe this is a Vital issue, I feel it is something to do with my use of ‘SetUserLED’.

My current code looks like this

“Rem M136.m1s
Rem Drill 16 X Axis Line
message " "
code "G59 P136"
Rem - Turn on Drill - Mach 3 Output Port # 1 Pin 16
ActivateSignal (output16)
Rem - Turn on one of 6 Way Matrix - Mach 3 Output Port # 1 Pin 18 to 23
SetUserLED(2022, 1)
Rem - Turn on one of 8 Way Matrix - Mach 3 Output Port # 1 Pin 24 to 31
SetUserLED(2024, 1)
Rem - Pause to allow drill to speed up

Any help would be welcome. :)
Cheers Rob

dspMC/IP Motion Controller / Servo motor inputs to Vital DSPMC
« on: May 02, 2012, 06:07:36 AM »
Hi all

I am having trouble getting the servo motors on my Morbidelli U50 retrofit with Mach3 and Vital DSPMC running over 7Meters / Minute. According to the maths they should be capable of 40M/Min the old controller had them running at 30M/Min max.

The encoders are 500 CPR (2000 QCPR) single ended going into positive terminal of the DSPMC. I saw in a post “Tuning dspMC with Axis Works.
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:14:51 AM »” that “Totallyrc / Mike” asked the poster

“4.Are the encoders differential or single ended with converter board?”

Do I need something like this "converter board" on the input to the DSPMC ?
If so any suggestions?.

Also any user settings for the PID would be useful.
I am running about 4000P 0I 100000D 100G

Regards Rob

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