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General Mach Discussion / Ref All and Ref Z not working
« on: April 16, 2012, 05:45:44 PM »

I've been trying to be a Z zero plate wired up now for a couple of days and I've ran into a new problem. I've wired my plate to pin 12 and used the auto configure settings option to set up my Z home. I then configured homing / limit switches screen for my Z axis.

Here's the problem, hoping to just be able to hit ref Z and have the machine drop until it encounters the plate, when I hit ref Z nothing happens, nor does anything happen when I hit ref all.

Anybody with more experience with Mach3 have any ideas why nothing would happen?

Thanks for your help,

General Mach Discussion / Ref All Home not working
« on: January 13, 2011, 05:58:52 PM »

I finally decided to setup my Z homing switch today and I'm not having much luck.

I've connected a wire to pin 13 and a wire to the 5V slot next to it on my breakout board. I've done an automatic setup of the pin in the software (Z home). I've enabled the Z home in Limits/Homing. I'm planning to have a simple plate and alligator clip to the bit.

When I click Ref All Home, I get nothing. The machine doesn't move. I've tried to ref the Z axis through Diagnostics also, but nothing there either. When I hook the wires together in Diagnostics the M3 Home lights up.

I did check to make sure that everything is working by adding in g code and a manual jog.

I have not hooked up the alligator clip to the spindle yet, does the pin wire need to be grounded for the software to recognize the switch?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


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