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I'm writing a Movement plug-in for mach3. My hardware has a maximum pulserate of 50k steps/s.
I set the following code in the myInitControl function:

MachView->m_PrinterOn = false;
MainPlanner->ExternalType = EX_VMS;
MainPlanner->ExTime = .001;
MainPlanner->ExBufferHi = 200;
for( int x = 0; x < 7; x++ ) MainPlanner->ExternalPulseRates
  • = 50000;

I set  "Steps per"= 1000 in the motor tuning.
The maximum velocity should be (50000/1000)*60 = 3000. But I can't set this value.
The maximum value in velocity DRO is 2550.

P.S.: Sorry for bad English

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