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General Mach Discussion / X-- and Y-- not working (under vista/7)
« on: January 06, 2011, 05:00:54 AM »
I have a weird problem. I use Autonics stepper motors and drivers. The problem is: For example I connect CW wire of driver (step) to pin #2 and CCW wire of driver (dir) to pin #3, and in Ports and Pins configuration, X axis has pin #2 as Step Pin and pin #3 as Dir Pin. Now, in jog tab when I click X++ button, the motor rotates clockwise as it should, but clicking X-- button has no effect (in fact, it sends just one step as ccw and then stops).
It's not a problem only in jog mode, but loading g-codes doesn't resolve this issue and motor only works in clockwise. When I set pin #2 as Step Pin in "X Axis" and pin #3 as Step Pin in "Y Axis", motor rotates cw when clicking X++ in jog mode and ccw when clicking Y++ (X--, Y--, Z--, ... won't work whatever I do).
I must say that I tried mach3 v2.63 and v3.042.040 both in Vista and 7 in 4 different systems, the results are unfortunately all the same.

We've just finished building a 3-axis Router CNC and therefore we are in urgent need to set up mach3 as quickly as possible.
Thanks in advance.

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