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Finished adding 2 axis stepper control to my wife's long arm quilting machine.  Total out of pocket cost including HP Touchsmart computer and Art and Stitch digital design software about $4,000.  Took 10 days and I had a blast.  Smoothstepper and Mach3 made this project a snap...thanks to all who designed and maintain Mach3!!!!  Here's a link to my you tube.


PS...Innova's Autopilot CNC system costs $15,000 plus installation. 

General Mach Discussion / Limit switches OEM trig
« on: January 16, 2011, 06:41:14 PM »
Seems impossibly easy but I have tried to set up x and y limit switches and they don't function properly.  I've assigned them port one, pins 11,12,13,15 enabled them and set them active low. I went to System hotkeys setup and assigned OEM triggers #1,2,3,4 the stop code 1003.  Here's my XML:


when I check the pin state in the diagnostics screen (mach3 CNC Demo) I can see the switches changing state when activated..

However instead of stopping the motors they continue to run.  If I select the stop button on the screen they stop.

What am I doing wrong????


General Mach Discussion / Does Mach use encoder feedback to update DRO's
« on: January 03, 2011, 01:14:24 PM »

Just want to confirm what I have read about Mach DRO's.  I'm going to use Mach and Smooth Stepper in conjunction with stepping motors on a 2 axis system.  I have read that Mach is an "Open Loop" controller and I assume that means the DRO's aren't updated by external information (i.e. encoders) but rather they reflect the current position based on Mach's position output to the motors.  Is that correct?  I can forgo the encoders unless they will provide feedback that is accurately used by Mach.

Thanks for your help!

CM Johnson

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