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General Mach Discussion / Offsets and saving.
« on: March 27, 2011, 05:09:13 PM »
Hey guys.  I was wondering if there was a way to not save offsets for tools from cut to cut.

I'm using my mach 3 as if it has an ATC attached to it, but am manually changing bits using the general config cycle start for tool changes command.  It works like a champ and is so much simpler than trying to have a seperate G-code for each tool used.  I'm still a total newbie and am learning daily still.    The main problem I keep encountering is when I start mach 3 up for the day, I put in my tool and zero all my axis with this specific tool that I intend to use.  Then, I load my program up and cut away.  The problem I have is I never think to check for tool offsets with my first tool of the day or see a need to rezero the tool a second time.   When changing tools, it completely makes sense to have to enter the offset in, but Im on lesson #4 of first cuts.  Today it cost me 1/2"" into my spoilerboard and right through one of my T-Tracks in under 3 seconds.

General Mach Discussion / Tool change woes
« on: December 06, 2010, 10:52:09 PM »
OK everyone.  I am a complete newbie, so bear with me.  This is my 3rd day playing on my cnc.   Im working on setting up Mach 3 still, but its not nearly as intuitive in some aspects as I would have hoped.  Im on a DIY 3 axis machine with a 2'x4' cutting area. 

Ive been having issues figuring out the tool change for the past few hours.  I am trying to use multiple tools while creating a part, but end up having issues every time I try to change parts.  Is there any specific tutorial for tool changes, or is it in the video series somewhere that I missed? (or could even comprehend)

MY Specific issue: 

I have mach 3 setup to stop for tool changes and it stops the program and the LED (not sure I would call it that, but MACH does) flashes yellow.   I then have to jog the router over to where I can actually change the tool  (is there a way to setup where it jogs to me for this?).  Once I get my new tool in, I have to re zero the Z axis because the tool is a different length.   I assume this is fine and just re- zero the Z to the top of my part and jog it back up out of harms way.   But, after I restart the program by clicking cycle start the new tool seems to randomly assume a new X 0 too.  I haven't zeroed the x axis out, but the original x 0 is gone and a new one appears.  Ive had this had 3 times on 2 different 3d parts that I have been trying to cut.  I haven't successfully cut a part with multiple tools yet. 

Any help?

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