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Galil / How to ramp (spindle) in galil open loop control
« on: January 09, 2012, 06:03:04 PM »
Hi to everyone,
I have a Galil board controlling a DC driver and spindle without encoder.  I do this by using the Galil in open loop mode (PID disabled: KD=KP=KI=0). 

The Galil does respond to the Mach3 speed control but I haven't been able to output the control signal with a ramp.  If I want full speed it will just instantaneously output the 10V to driver creating large overshoot.  Neither acceleration from Galil (AC,DC) nor the acceleration parameters in Mach3 Motor Tuning will respond. The driver has no way to control minimum ramp also.

Someone knows the solution?


General Mach Discussion / Queue not refilling... why?
« on: August 29, 2011, 01:32:30 PM »
I have this problem: the queue is not refilling while running the g-code. It just empties an then stops movement for a couple seconds refills and continues until the queue empties.  I am using 40 in lookahead.

The machine worked fine until last week, so I though maybe could be a virus or something from Windows so I reinstalled the whole windows and reused the XML file: same thing.  So now I think it must be a configuration somewhere but just can't find it.  I've never seen this behaviour before.

Someone has the answer??


General Mach Discussion / Macros and outputs ON during EStop ??
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:03:01 PM »
I have a macro in which I turn ON or OFF an output.  I works great but I need it doesn't work during E-Stop.  Is there a way to make this particular macro work during ESTOP ?

I'll try explain what I need to do:

I have a 4th axis and want it to move continously at a constant feed while performing a couple moves in another axis.
Is this possible?

I want to move X axis along a cylinder and then back all the way while rotating the cylinder with the 4th axis to make an endless screw that goes back and forth. I would do it something like:
G0 X0 A0
G01 X10 A1800
G01 X0 A3600
But the A axis is not constant because it "waits" for the X axis to decelerate at the change in direction.  I need the A axis to be completely constant.

Is there a way??

Thanks for any help!

General Mach Discussion / Strange problem: goes exact mode after mdi
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:59:51 AM »
I have this really strange problem that I've never noticed before.
I am running a code. I stop the run by either by pressing single step or hold buttons.  Make a G00 move in MDI.  Resume the program with Cycle Start and ....
the program resumes moving as if it was in Exact Stop mode!!  Status shows G64 (CV) but movement is as it would be in Exact Stop mode.

If I change to G61 and back again to G64 everything stays the same. I would need to rewind the program and rerun to get to CV movement again.

Right now I have every CV option in General config unchecked: (plasma mode, distance and angle options)

Any ideas of what could be happening ?

I want to detect when a jog system keystroke was pressed in order to run a macro before the actual jog is performed for security reasons.
In other words: run a script when a certain keyboard keystroke used as hotkey was made.
Is this possible?


Galil / Should abort give an EStop in Mach?
« on: August 20, 2010, 12:23:02 PM »
Hi everyone,
I have several protections connected to the Abort of the Galil controller but when there the Galil is in Abort the Mach3 doesn't notice.  I suppose an abort from the controller should give an E-Stop in the Mach3 but it doesn't.  How can I achieve this?


In general config there is an option for Ignoring M calls while loading program which works great.
But Mach still runs M code macros when simulating in "run from here".
Anyone knows how to disable the macros in this case?

Luis fdo.

As title states I am trying to make Mach3 run a script after completing a G0 movement in single step mode.

The application is a turret press punch, I would like to have Mach3 run a punch macro each time it completes a G00 code. Then resume with the next G00 code after completion.  My idea right now is to use single step mode, and somehow resume with a "Start" from within the macro.

Another thought is to detect movement completion from within the macropump. But not really sure how and which would be the implications when jogging or others.

Any ideas?


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