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Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / Plugin for 5ax kinematics
« on: April 17, 2012, 09:13:20 AM »

I 'm trying to make a 5ax kinematic plugin for mach3.
The machine modell is a swing-rotary table.
So i have to correct the X,Y and Z axis even the table (A and C axis) moves.
The math functions are not my problem , but how can I put the calculated offsets to the
actual axis values.
I tested the MainPlanner->Corrections , MainPlanner->Diffx and many other Parameters but have not really success.
Can anyone help me ,or tell me,  what parameters i should use?

Regards Gerhard

Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / Communicate RS232 port
« on: November 24, 2010, 03:14:48 AM »
Hi guys!

At first , sorry for my bad english , but i give my best ;)
I am a absolute beginner in C++, I saw the video tuturials and want to try it.
Simple things as SetDRO(Y_DRO,input_wert);  or DoButton(FEEDRATE_RESET);
are running without problems.

Now I am trying to write a plugin to use the serialport. for I/O's.
In the MachIncludes Folder I found the Headerfile serialport.h.
It comes from PJ Naugther. On the web I found the freeware MFC class for Win32 serial ports from him.
I added the serialport.cpp and the serialport.h to my projekt and tryed the following small
code for opening and close the port.

CSerialPort port;
port.Open(3, 19200, CSerialPort::NoParity, 8,

Port3 is o.k. , I tested it with an other programm before, the compiler runs without errors.
But when i run it in mach3 the computer hangs.
My questions:
Is it a good way to use the serialport.cpp and serialport.h ?
What can I do to get it to run ?
Are there other (better) methodes to communicate with the RS232 port ?

Best regards, Gerhard

Brains Development / SetDro(0 ,GetDro(0)/2) in BrainControl
« on: January 27, 2008, 12:28:54 PM »

I want to run this simpe Code in BrainControl.

Dim taste as Integer
Taste = GetInput (70)
 Select Case Taste
Case = 1    
 SetDro(0 ,GetDro(0)/2)   
Case = 2    
 SetDro(1 ,GetDro(1)/2)   
Case = 3    
 SetDro(2 ,GetDro(2)/2)   
End Select

Have anybody an idea how I can do this in a BrainControl.
I only want to divide a Dro Value when some Input Signal comes in.

Best regards ,

Modbus / mach3V3.00 modbus Problems
« on: January 07, 2008, 03:55:38 AM »
Hi everybody,

I have some questions to you about modbus in mach3.
In the last weeks I built my own modbus pendant.


It works very well at mach3 V2.01.
In mach3 V3.00 I have many problems.
In the Yahoo board I found out that the timer of
Tickctr was changed to a 200┬Ás 16bit wrap-around timer.
That all I programmed also on my pendant.
But now to the Problems:
When I uncheck the "modbus plugin supported" I get a big step
at the velocity by a rollover.
Here is a short video , there you can see the big step.

In a email , Art wrote to me that i should enable the
"modbus plugin supported" checkbox.
When I do this , the rollover step is ok but then my
macropump is not working.

2 examples:

Dim fro as Integer
    fro = GetInput (64)        'Analog_1 read
   fro = fro /4.13 -3
   SetOEMDRO 821, fro

Of course this I can do with Brain contol
but for the next example I can't find a solution in BrainControl .

'X-Dro Value to modbus
Display = ""
   SVal = Right("       " & Format(GetDro(0), strFmt),9)
   Display = "X" & SVal
SetModIOString (1,0,0, Display)   

I found the "sendstring" Commando in BrainControl . Using this Commando I can send a
text but not a value of a DRO to modbus.

Have somebody a answer to my questions ?
Sorry for my english , it's very bad

Best regards from austria

General Mach Discussion / Formula Axis Correction
« on: January 23, 2006, 08:14:09 AM »

yesterday I saw the new function in Mach3.
This is a very helpful function for axis correction with 5 Axis milling.
The math. Functions are working very well, but I can't use the Parameter D for Tooldiameter and T for Toollength
of the current tool.
for example:  y=y+sin(a)*T
The result is always a zero.
Has somebody an idea what I make wrong ?

Best regards , Gerhard

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