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General Mach Discussion / Axis won't move continuous
« on: December 24, 2010, 01:47:38 PM »
I'm new to the whole CNC world so that probably explains it all.

I'm finishing up a cnc machine and and have everything up and working but when I give a simple g-code command the stepper motors just move a few revolutions, stop, then a few more revolutions, and so on. the table moves to the desired location just not in a smooth motion. And only when you run any type of program.

When using the jog function they move fine and when homing they run fine. I'm not loosing steps, it's just not continuous movement.

Tried running something through sheetcam and still the same problem.

Example: g0y5

Starting at 0,0.The Y motor should move to 5 and stop and it does, but the motor will stop/start 19 times in the process.
If you slow the speed down it's more than that. Looks like it pauses about every second.

It's running old XP computer running mach 3 to a gecko 540 and Keling motors.

What setting am I missing or should be looking at? Hopefully that is all it is.


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