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FAQs / 3D pocketing ?
« on: November 01, 2010, 11:21:05 AM »
Ok I am currently running bobcad V. 21 with mach 3 and useing a sherline rotary table to run my 4 axis. I am interested in learning how to do some 3D inlays or ingraving in my pool cues. Can someone please explain how this can be accomplished..

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / My latest Cue Building CNC
« on: October 20, 2010, 02:58:13 PM »
Featuring 25mm Hiwinn Rails, Gecko 540 control box, Kerk Motion Lead Screws and antibacklash nuts and porter cable 7280 router with precise bits ultra precise collets and nuts that takes the TIR of the router down to .0002. Travel of Longest Axis (X)40" x (Y)10.5" x (Z)7" and this beast will run 150 IPM. Now I realize that thats not as fast as a lot of machines that are on here but for cue building thats pretty dang fast..

FAQs / I have an IPM problem
« on: October 19, 2010, 12:04:10 PM »
I have a xylotex controler with 420 oz motors and a sony Vio with a 1.6 processor. So what is happening is that when I write a program to run 10 IPM the program only runs 9.3 IPM. I know that does not sound like much but if I write a faster program lets asy 18 IPM it runs 16.9 IPM. I have done some testing and taken the profile and put it on another machine and it runs fine. So can it be something with my PC? And if so what can I do to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

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