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I'm Iooking at these Korean servo stepper/drive units:


Particularly the NEMA34 '86' series steppers - specifications below ... They can go up to 32,000P/R res which can be divided down to 500 - They also claim some impressive advantages over standard stepper drive system, or so they have led me to believe - maybe as a beginner I have been bamboozled by jargon ?  :P

I'd use them firstly in a mill/drill CNC conversion, where they may be over specced (?) - and over priced (?) -  but I will end up using them in other projects also, I'm mainly concerned with what I don't know about the extra costs involved - I imagine a breakout board would be required, which might be cheap enough, but what about 40~70v power supply per axis for 4 axes ?

They'd run open loop with respect to mach3 ? but closed loop internal to themselves ?

Any chestnuts of experience would be greatly appreciated -  Maybe they really are a nice piece of kit ?

Kind Regards,

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