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General Mach Discussion / reverse axis
« on: September 21, 2010, 08:52:50 AM »
hi all,
is there a setup in mach to make my x axis go in the opposite direction after installing a new board the y and z are ok but the x is going the opposite way to what it used to,i have checked the wiring to make sure its the same as the others and it is ok its probably just a daft switch somewhere in mach but i just cant find it, or do i have to turn the motor around?
thank you.
john :-[

General Mach Discussion / help with motor torque
« on: September 15, 2010, 06:30:30 AM »
hi all,
I'm new to cnc so still very wet behind the ears so please forgive me if I'm not making any sense i will try to explain as best i can.
i bought a cnc router with the intention to use the motors and board on my mill i put the z axis on the fine feed as i didn't think the motor would be strong enough to lift the whole head (i think the motors are about 400oz)but there was to much play in the spindle unless it was locked off every time,so i made a rough coupling and with the motor held by hand tried it on the column and to my surprise it moved the head up no problem at all.
then while trying to make a bracket i had bother with cambam and mach i couldn't get a circle cut, then my pc went down when i got it back up and running i had lost all the settings for the board and the whole thing was dead in the water.
so i bought a new board (TB6560AHQ) and every thing was ok i got cambam to work with mach and made the bracket for the z axis but now the motor will not lift the head it just makes a clicking sound its as if i have lost some power from the motors, i did notice with the old board when the power was on and the motors lock up it was hard to turn the mill handles but with the new board it seems easier to turn them, i have tried adjusting the motor velocity and acceleration so its just going slow but this never made any difference.
any help would be great thank you.

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