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General Mach Discussion / driver for moschip 9865 , Pleeeeze !
« on: June 11, 2012, 06:45:09 PM »
Could some one please send me a driver they know will work for this pci card?, ive been on it for a long time,, got 2 axis working with one driver, now i'm back to one, ive uninstalled, reran programs ect, no luck, what a waste of time, I have heard guys got them working, figured they would work some how... my email is  dan@lockingoilplug.com, Thanks,Dan

( news flash) I think I found the instructions of hoe to find tthe driver on moschip  " pci connectivity", though I would keep some from answering what I just found out, still don know how to install and where to find that info,Thanks) Nope that didnt work, crap, I guess I'll call then on monday, unless I could get some help..I tried to search the moschip site for a whqldriver, xp 32 bit drive 9865, I must not be searching right, I tried to search this site but must not be doing that correctly iether,  Windows is assighning drivers for this new pci card, I'm probably going to have to figure out how to delete the windows drivers, it wont let me assighn a differt driver, Its at lpt 2 and I checked the lpt 2 box, and put in the correct address. it wont let me reasighn that pci card to port 1 even after I uninstalled the stock driver, and there isnt even a pci card there to install but it keeps installing it at reboot,I read the whql windows 32 bit driver is the one I want at moschip, I cant seem to get there, and I get the usual crap every where else that wants me to install driver detective, or somthing else. looks like I'm going to have to experimint with ports and pins, but I need the correct driver first, I ran a new xp, nothin else, but the new mochip pci card was in there, I guess I'll unplug that and uninstall, then try again.Maybe it will let me install the driver I have, it says windows cannot find a better driver, but I know that driver works a little because I was able to install it before, now with a fresh mach3 install, every thing is differnt.
I'll try to find out how to uninstall all the pci windows drivers and then see if it will let me at least install the moschip driver I have,Thanks,Dan

Could some one tell me a good pci card and driver with mach 3?, I'm running xp ,I picked up an old server and need to add a parralell port card, some say a bascic driver is better, any one got one for a net mos? Thanks

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