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General Mach Discussion / Power Supply for Motion Controlling
« on: August 16, 2010, 10:27:20 AM »
Hi there,

I am hoping somebody can help me with something that I am having trouble understanding. I am building a mechanical positioning device used to position aerodynamic probes within wind tunnel walls and it is a ball screw driven system. I have the hardware for the rig assembled and wish to apply power to the screws driving the system and control them using Mach3.

The device consists of two ball screws which I wish to control (X and Z direction travel) and the probes rotate about the Z axis then using an additional motor to rotate the probes.

I have been supplied with three stepper motors (Astrosyn MY706, Astrosyn MY703-3 and Astrosyn MY7001) and three microstepping drivers (3 x Astrosyn P402) which require 24v dc power. Ideally I would like to generate and operate a pulse train of around 500Hz (can be manufactured in house using a 555 timer is astable arrangement if needed) to apply the pulses to the drivers but I do not know if this is necessary.

What I cannot understand from reading other posts and looking at other peoples devices is how power is supplied to the motors/drivers and also how the pulse is communicated to the drivers from the 25 pin port if it does come from this port?

Does the PC supply an output voltage which can be used or is an external supply needed (24v dc)?
Also the pulses that are applied to the motor, how are they regulated if it does not come from the PC? Are the drivers regulated by relays which activate the 24v dc supply in the sequence required?

If anybody could give me some help on this or has worked on something similar and can make suggestions on the control system it would be very much appreciated as I am the first to use this software at our University so my Professor would be delighted if I could control the device using a new motion control system than the standard in our Department!!!

Please find attached a diagram of the device showing the direction(s) of travel and what it is that I am trying to power. The CAD model shows a third motor in the Y-direction, please ignore as this has been discarded due to budgetary constraints. Any other info required please ask.


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