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Hello, I am encountering an error on milling multi-curve job,  from the morning I would start my milling and at about 30-35 minutes the screen on mach shows the toolpath going as programed but on the mill itself the milling is off course on the x and y axis. the program continues and not stop but its milling the wrong location of the stock, after this happends i would have to zero my stock again, and as i keep continuing the program to mill from the error point, the milling time become shorter and shorter for exp. 30 minutes and restart and 20 minutes and restart then 15 or so minutes of milling time. I've been working with the company who sold us the mill and we've done almost every possibility of switching around the axis and still doing the same thing. changed out the PC and same thing occurs. I've been suspecting the controller but cant get them to send another one to test even on our dime. can some one please help direct me out of this?

thank you in advance...


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