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Galil / Galil dmc1425 doGmove issue
« on: June 29, 2010, 08:19:24 AM »
I use a dmc1425 with servo motor for a xy table. I try to use MACH3 and the plug-in (lastest version) to control this table . But, the plug-in doesn't work with 1425 properly. In fact, just the continuous jog mode work. My representative try plug-in with a dmc2123 and it work properly. With same settings, his 1425 does't work. We ask to Galil the difference between this two type of controller and the most important is the size of buffer. The 2123 has 511 lines and the 1425 only 255. I check the galilcontrol.cpp file in sdk folder and I think that's why the plug-in does't work with 1425. Unfortunately, I don't have visual studio to compile code.

Thanks a lot

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