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General Mach Discussion / Setting up Tangential Knife-Questions
« on: April 10, 2012, 06:04:41 PM »
I have finally gotten to the point where I am testing the Hardware that I have been building for a Tangential Knife set up.
There are some posts on the forum about it, but I haven't seen my particular problem worked out yet.  Hopefully somebody has some suggestions for things that I can try.... I have been racking my brain trying to solve this.
I am using some software that I wrote which will take regular 3 axis gcode and add in the fourth axis--  Axis A.  I know that Mach3 has a feature for this, but I would like greater control if it is possible.
The problem is that with every new motion called for axis A, the other X, Y, and Z motions slow to a crawl.
I have attached the gcode that I have been using for a test.
Any advice is welcome.
Thanks to everybody for a great forum.... I have learned a lot from reading the diverse topics covered.

Sincerely, Andy :)

PoKeys / M code Pauses Machine while running G-code
« on: September 17, 2011, 03:32:18 PM »
I am stumped as to how to find a work around for a problem I am facing.

When I run my g-code that contains custom M-codes that trigger solenoids on the toolhead I am getting a delay with every mcode... if the machine is making a movement when a Mcode is read, it pauses movement for about a second in order to run the macro.  Normally this would be fine, but I am controlling solenoids which cause a liquid to be sprayed along the toolpath... so it makes a large Dot where the pause happens.

Any ideas as to how to avoid this?

I have only a little scripting experience and I have never used the Brains route... Would that be a possible work around?

Thanks for any advice.
All in all I am really pleased with the Pokeys Platform.  PoppaBear was a huge help getting things up an running with basic operations... now I am getting down tweaking the setup that I have.

Attached is a bit of test g-code.  The M-codes basically just send a signal out that triggers relays to turn on or off. 

PoKeys / Triggering Pokey Output Signal from Mcode
« on: January 06, 2011, 04:44:08 PM »
I am new to using Pokey and I am trying to send output signals from Pokey55 to PsExtBusRE (eight relay board from cnc4PC) and three other PoExtBusOC also hooked up to the Pokey55.
This gives me a total of 36 outputs that I would like to be able to call from the Gcode  by using user defined Mcodes.

I have installed the latest Pokey software and firmware and I am able to turn relays on and off from Mach3 Pokey tab...

now comes the next step which is creating a bit of VB script to trigger the outputs from an Mcode that will be inserted manually in the Gcode.

I have watched the video tutorials and searched around on the forum, but I am having a hard time finding examples of this.  Here are a few screen shots of what I am working with... and my very novice approach to a VB script that isn't working at the moment.

Any help or direction as to where to read up on this type of thing is greatly appreciated.

I have been tinkering with the Arduino platform for a while to control solenoids that are driving dispensers of liquids along a tool path.... So far I have had this system working independently of Mach3... So I have the g-code start and as the tool head is moving I start the arduino to actuate the solenoids.
This works well for some things, but I would like to be able to send output signals from the g-code itself... probably by using M codes.

I am currently using a k2cnc with 3 axis servo setup... with a 4 axis in the future when money allows.
So the parallel port is currently driving the mill.

I have been reading on the forum about so many things that are possible and I am looking for advice as to where I should focus my efforts.

Can I have serial output from Mach3 while g-code is running without interfering with Mach3's normal operations through the parallel interface?
I know that the spindle on/off (which is pin 16 on my K2CNC) and the coolant on/off (pin 1 - according to K2) are free to drive things through the use of MCodes... but it would be great to be able to have more than two free "outputs".

Thanks for any advice... I am really loving this forum... so many generous and knowledgeable folks. :)

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