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Can anyone tell me how to turn off some of the Wizards that I will never use, so I only have one screen and don't have to scroll down to find what I do need?

I tried just moving them out of the folder, that was a mistake, Mach3 went crazy with errors and I had do do a system roll back to yesterday before it would recover...

Thanks, Ken

General Mach Discussion / New Mill
« on: July 23, 2010, 07:40:59 PM »
I just received my new Syil X4 and have purchased a Mach3 license and am using the .XML file that Syil supplied.  Everything seems to be going smooth, except for one thing...

When I cut a pocket, it is under size by about .002 in/in and bosses are over size by about .001 in/in, (am assuming) the variation is probably the spindle (or) collet run out plus what ever backlash I have...

I have checked the spindle run out (about .0005) and have check the X Y movements, which shows about (on a average) .006 short in 4"...

Art, what area gets changed and how do I do it...

Kendall Miller
Fun Dimensional, Inc.
Leander, Texas

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