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Brains Development / Enable-signal programming?
« on: June 09, 2010, 04:28:20 AM »
Hi guys,

In my control cabinet i have a safety relay circuit. The relay is active when everything is OK to run.
The relay cuts  power to the stepper drivers when it is disabled.

I have a signal to my Grex motion controller from the safety relay. I want Mach 3 to stop all program translation when this signal is not present (so that position is not lost when powes supply cuts out).
I could use the ESTOP input, but then i would have to press the reset-button every time the signal goes on (the relay is reset externally).

Is there a Mach button i could use in brains for this? Any suggestions how this could be done?

General Mach Discussion / Extremely fast rapid movement
« on: June 05, 2010, 07:13:52 PM »
Hi guys,

We have built a router at school and we're just now to the point that we can start using it  :)
However i have discovered one problem with it when running certain programs.

When i run a drilling cycle it will go down and drill just fine, but when the drilling is done it rapids up at an extremely high rapid feedrate. This causes the machine to loose all the steps in Z axis movement. This of course snapped the drill right off when the machine started moving in X-Y direction

Another example:
When running a circular pocket created on Mach3 wizards the machine goes down to the center of the pocket and starts plunging in to the material. When the machine then starts to move in X-Y direction the feed is extremely high and a few steps are lost until the diameter of movement is starting to get higher.

- Motor tuning is set and works fine (these rapid movements by far exceed both speed and acceleration i motor tuning).
- There are no rapid FRO active.
- FRO is 100 %
- Machine jogs fine.
- This does not happen on all rapid feeding, so far just the examples above.

Machine information:
GREX motion controller
Dual X-axis steppers (A-axis is slaved to X-axis). A-axis is set to not angular in general config.

Unfortunately i don't have the G-code programs now, but i could post it on Monday when I'm back at school.
However i don't really think the problem is in the program. This happens programs created by both the Mach3 wizard and on VcarvePro.

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