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I'm currently running version R1.84 on a 1GHz computer w/ 512 MB of RAM.  It runs somewhat but has problems with a  "limit switch triggered" error when I'm running a g-code program.   I don't even have limit switches on the system so I assume this is a problem with stepper pulses counting properly or ???  It is connected to a DSLS 3000 MicroMill system.

I have a few questions: 

Should I try to upgrading to the current rev to see if this help the limit switch problem or is there a solution w/ 1.84?

If I upgrade will my current license be good for the new version? 

Will the machine config XML from R1.84 be OK for the new version?   (I'm sure I woudl have a problem bringing up a system from scratch since I have just purchased this used system).

Any thoughts appreciated.

- Dave


I'm relatively new to this forum and Mach 3.  I have purchased a 2nd hand DSLS 3000 controled Taig 3 axis mill that was supposed to work correctly.  It is running R.1.84 version Mach 3 on a 1 Ghz computer.  This is the only software that runs on the system and the CPU loading is less than 5% when operating.  The driver test program indicates that everything looks good, i.e. there is not great excursion from the  25Khz signal trace.

My problem is that when I run a g-code program, the Reset line goes high and the log trace (lasterrors.txt) indicates that the limit switch has triggered.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no limit switches on my hardware.  I see none on the stages so I'm assuming that the limit switch error is due to some sort of following error with the encoder(?)....  

I have adjusted the stage speed down to 40 ipm and 4 ipm/pm.  

The g-code program that I'm running is using a feed rate of only 15 ipm.   If I change the feed rate down to 10ipm, it fails with the limit switch error after only a few moves.  It runs better at a feed rate of 20 but still fails at certain moves....

Does anyone have any idea of what's going on here?

Thanks in advance,

- Dave


I've just recently purchased a 2nd hand Taig 3 axis mill with a MicroMill DSLS 3000 controller.  It has a 1Ghz PC and it's running an older version of Mach3 software circa 2005/2006.

It appears to run well.  I can jog the full stage travel with no problem.  The stages do not bind when I move them by hand.

The problem is that when I run a g-code toolpath, it often will fault and I will have to Reset the system to continue.  It does this on arc  moves or very short back and forth linear motion mostly.   If I slow the feed rate down to say 50% the complete program will run withouth faulting.

I assume the fault is being caused by the motors losing steps or not being able to keep up w/ what the computer is telling it.  Is there a diagnostics log in Mach 3 that I can view to verify this?

The motor settings are max velocity approx 66 ipm and acceleration set to approx 250ms to reach that velocity.  Are there values correct?  Are there any tuning routines that can be run to determine optimal values for this? 

I understand the computer that came with the system is old however Mach 3 is the only thing running on it and the CPU loading when running a toolpath is only about 5-10% so there is no resource problem with the computer.  I know there are new versions of Mach 3.  Those require a newer computer system than what came with the tool.  I'd prefer to get this system running reliably rather than spend significant $$ upgrading hardware.  Is this viable?

I read some posts about a Smooth Stepper USB device.  What is required to convert the system to use this?  What would be the benefit/drawbacks. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

- Dave

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