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General Mach Discussion / Homing and move off of switches.......?
« on: May 15, 2010, 12:28:27 PM »
Hi folks,

Quick question. The issue may or may not be with Mach3. (version download / installed May 2010 running in WinXP SP2).

When I press the Ref All button, all 3 axis move to their respective home position and move off the switch a small amount. The Z axis moves enough to reverse state of the M3Home switch (LED is off on the diagnostics screen). The X and Y LED's are still active even though a slight move occurred off the limit switch. If I jog further in both X & Y the LED's will change state. Soft Limits is engaged and working.

I will say that the distance moved off the switch in Z is greater than the distance moved off the X & Y switches.

Everything else in Mach3 seems to work regardless of this issue, just something that bothers me. Is there a setting that I / OEM missed to setup?

Any thoughts or suggestions.


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