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General Mach Discussion / my motor speed - RPM is changing, why?
« on: May 10, 2010, 03:39:10 PM »
Hello, I met a problem here

when I use button jog mode with 100% jog rate, the motors are running much faster than I input "G1 X20 Y20 Z20", why and where I can setup it?

thanks for any help

I got confused here, what I should setup in "steps per": 1600 or 32000?

My unit is "inch", if I setup "steps per" to 1600, it means it takes 1600 steps to make one inch movement, right? but in my system, I use 1600 step/rev (200*8 micro-step) motor and 20 tpi (20 threads per inch) rod, so does it mean I should put 32000 in "steps per"?

To imagine, my motor can be set to 125 micro-step with 25000 step/rev, with 20 tpi rod, the number will be 500000 steps per inch, then the maximum velocity will be only 3, which looks weird? So in my real case, 1600 or 32000?


My computer has no parallel port on motherboard, so I bought a PCI parallel port board, and I set it as LPT2 in PC. While in Mach3, I clicked the port#1 and input the related LPT2 address. It works, anyway.

Does it really matter if I set PCI as LPT1 or LPT3 or LPTx as long as I set port#1 with correct address?

I tested with setting as LPT1 in PC, it works too. why?


General Mach Discussion / beginner, driver test , pulsing too fast
« on: April 30, 2010, 03:52:39 PM »
Hi, my first time to connect computer to cnc machine, do the driver test firstly, it said "pulsing too fast", is there anything wrong? thanks.

I heard some PCI card didn't work well, so is there any good ones you can recommend? thanks !

I bought the motor kits including the breakout board at Motiotek, does breakout board matter?

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