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General Mach Discussion / Rotary Axis Blues
« on: April 28, 2010, 05:51:57 PM »
I've spent several hours reading through a lot of posts concerning the Rotary A-axis and CV. 
My A-axis moves in jerky pulses. Any movement in X or Z while rotating the A-axis seems to make it worse.

I read that including G64 in my code as well as making sure CV is set in the general config should help, but it hasn't. Is this normal?

This does not occur when jogging/homing the A-axis. There is no difference in the amount of jerky'ness regardless of whether
CV or Exact Stop is selected.

It also makes no difference whether G64 is in the beginning code to force CV. I did a search through the gcode and there are no G61's anywhere.

I've tried different accelerations, and increased the CV feed rate but that doesn't seem to help. The A-axis still moves in odd slow pulses.

Any ideas?

As an aside, what I am trying to do is mill wax ring using the rotary a-axis. I am mainly cutting the top half of a ring for testing using rotary positions between -90 to 90.

General Mach Discussion / X Axis Mill vs Gantry
« on: April 20, 2010, 08:10:27 PM »
Hi All!

This is my first post after tons of (rtfm) :)  At any rate, I've got everything up and running, however, I seem to have a problem with how my X axis code is being interpreted.  I suspect that for a Gantry style router, the code is correct in that the spindle moves in the direction to the right for increases in X values. In a mill style, this is obviously not the case.

As the table is moves to the left, my values for X should be increasing but it doesn't.
Is there a way to fix this that I might have missed?

Thanks for the help!

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