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General Mach Discussion / Mach 3, Erroneous movement in Z axis
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:43:36 PM »

I have a Small CNC rOUTER 60 X 60 CM.

Last days , Iam having a problem because Z axis sometimes is moving different distance that G CODE
Yesterday G zode indicate move from  Z-3 to  Z-6 and Z axis make a momement to z-11. (Look the picture).

I stop the Job and restart again from 100 lines before using Run from Here but some part of the job was ruined.
Area in Red contour in Picture 2

Other times the gcode indicate to move G0 Z20 for save heigh and move 1-2mm and cut inside the job

Iam thinking the cuold be a interference caused for electrical noise..

Iam usiing a Hobby CNC Pro Controller.

Stepper wires are unshielded

I have a Cable chain and inside are running
X Axis Stepper Motor conductor
Y Axis Stepper  Motor conductor
Router AC supply conductor (Makita 1Hp Router)

That failure is ocassionally. Yesterday was 1 time in the day and later was working for 5 hours withput problem.

iam thinking to take out of the cable chain the Z axis stepper motor conductor and leave it hanging outside the machine
away of other conductors.

Could you help me please?



General Mach Discussion / Question about excel files of OEM CODES
« on: July 02, 2010, 10:55:11 AM »
Recently I downloaded two excel files containing OEM codes and other codes.
I don't what use for DoOemButton (    )

I attach both here.

Also in Wiki are another tables..

What should I use?

Please explain me the use of each one,

Thanks in advance


General Mach Discussion / How start to run an Embroidery Mach profile
« on: June 30, 2010, 10:45:47 PM »

I need initializate my embroidery profile using Single Blk mode

I will use and X,Y,Z axis, and swap Z with spindle.

I will make a Macro (M910.m1s) and place in Initialization String.

DoOemButton(1004)  'Pressing button Single Blk

I need start spindle using Cycle Start buttom,
but I need change default function of this button
and use a VBscript .
I saw in Mach2 Customization than I can change default
Funtion for Cycle Start Button and use a VB Macro. Macro could be M900.m1s

SwapAxis(3,6)  'Swap pins of Z axis for Spindle pins
SetSpinSpeed(S100)  'sET spindle Speed in 100RPM
DoSpinCW( )     'Start Spindle at 100RPM Speed

Then spindle start,

Cycle Start button will be pressed in each spindle revolution
using a optoswitch connected to one Input Pin, configured like
OEM trigger1, and assig OEM code to OemTrigger in System Hotkeys.

Each spindle revolution will press Cycle Start once, and run
one Gcode Line for X and Y movements. Like I will be in
Single BLK mode, I don't need to use Cycle Star Buttom.

Also I need to create another VB screen button for
stop spindle and pause system.

May work in this way?

New problem will be, how many revolutions will be possible to get
considering Mach response 1/10 second and Optoswich start and Stop
I think more and less 6-7 times/second for a 400 RPM. IT depends
also of lenght of X and Y movements.

Thanks for your help.




I need calculate incremental values in each axis for a Gcode line, relative to previous line. It's possible this?
I know how doit out of Mach, but I need to do it inside Mach for calculate  longitude of each movement
Out of Mach will be in this way.

Sqr (pot(Xfinal-X initial)+ pot(Yfinal-Y inicial))
Final= Actual line
Initial= Previous line

If this is possible, then I can calculate distance to travel in each line and calculalate spindle speed for
controlling  sincronism of a needle bar (spindle) for each g code line or for about 20 lines
due inertia problems.

In this way I can rotate spindle in calculte speed, and in coordinate movement moves hoop and fabric when needle is
out of fabric.

Thanks for your answer.





I need to learn how program macros for Mach 3.

I know that exists

1- Macro Programming reference
2-Oem CODEs for Mach 3

I know than for programming Macros in Mach is needed some knowledge of Visual Basic and
Visual Basic Scripts. I studied for about 6 month in 1985, when I was in university Basic
Programming for NEC PC9801, but this is an old story because I was never use anymore.

Recently I downloaded a end user manual containing a Cypress enable, I figure that in this
manual are the same instructions that in VBscripts manuals,
What is CYpress enable?

I have a lot of information  in hands but I don't know how to order for beginnig studies.

I need if you can give me a guide to consecutivelly study all manuals, because a have
1-VBasic6.0 course (spanish)
2- VB script course (spanish)
3-manual containing a Cypress ENABLE (english)
4-Macro programming reference (english)
5-OEM codes (english)
6-A Program words for Mach programming. (english)

Just give me a guide for where start and where should I finish, and what is that exactly will I
need for Mach 3 programming.

I know what I need that Mach 3 does for me , but I don't know how to ask  him about it.......

Thanks in advance, sorry my bad english



General Mach Discussion / QUESTION ABOUT FEED HOLD and spindle stop
« on: June 21, 2010, 01:28:12 PM »

I need set up a system using X, Y axis and a third Stepper motor for use like Spindle or A axis. Is a project for cnc embroidery machine. Xand Y moves pantograph and SPINDLE/ A axis stepper motor, moves needle bar.

I need to run  third stepper motor  in this way for continuous running mode at 500-600 RPM,and swap spindle for A axis for stop motor in exact position.

My question is about if I need to pause operation

FEED HOLD buttom stops X,y axis and spindle?

If only stops X and Y axis.

What should I do for set complete system in Pause and restart again using Cycle start button?




I need your help about our cnc zone embroidery project work.

I am trying to run embroidery machine using a continuous mode motor for needle movements, using a stepper motor.  For optimum results I will test, if is possible to combine Spindle mode for continuous rotation and A axis mode for homing and stop motor in needle upper position. Work mode will set in Single BLK for run line by line, I need to explore if sequence, synchronicity and speed is than we need for this project.

I will use two rotary shutters in embroidery machine rotor shaft. First shutter will be aligned at 0 degree of rotation will be for homing spindle motor in upper needle position, using A axis mode.  Second rotary shutter will be aligned at 285 degree of rotation, and will activate OEM TRIGGER 1 code 301, and call a Macro M900.m1s

Default setting of motor is A axis, for initialization of needle at upper position, X and Y axis are initialized at 0.00.

Gcode example
N01 Macro (Swap A axis mode, Spindle mode)—Change from A axis mode to Spindle mode.
N02 M3 S100---Start rotation of spindle 100RPM
N03 G01 X1 Y1 M3 S100—X and Y movement to first stitch coordinates.
N04 G01 X6.5 Y15.5
N06 Macro (Swap Spindle mode, A axis mode)
N07 Macro (Home A axis).

We need to use a macro between two G01X and Y movement lines to define next operations. This macro will be - SetTriggerMacro(M900.m1s)  It will be  activate by  2nd rotary shutter at 285 degree of rotation, when needle is going out of fabric and at 3-5mm above table.

I need to know if is possible to do and execute a Macro like this.

MACRO 900.m1s
Calculate travel distance between previous and next X and Y movements, and compare results versus Max Stitch length, then will execute macro M901 or Macro 902. Max Stitch Length = 12.7mm

In hypothetic example (I don’t have idea about how referees to previous and next X and Y values in formula for Macro)

If Sqr (X1- X0)2 + (Y1-Y0)2 >Max Stitch Length, then M902.m1s, if not M901.m1s
Stitch Length = 1.4142mm < 12.7 mm, then M901.m1s

Macro 901.m1s
1- Run Next G code Line.
2-Calculate new Spindle speed (formula)—it’s in accordance to distance to move X and Y axis at max speed, in 40% of one spindle rotation.  I have all formulas in excel table.
3-M3 S (calculated).

Hypothetic situation for execution of M902.m1s--- Is when are Jump Stitches between embroidery objects, They are longer than embroidery machine thread feed capacity

Example lines
N04 G01 X1 Y1
N04 G01 X6.5 Y15.5
Sqr (x6.5-x1)2 + (y15.5-y1)2 = 15.50mm > 12.5mm, then M 901.m1s
Macro 901.m1s
1-   Swap (Spindle mode x A axis mode)
2-   Homing A axis ----Spindle in A axis mode will runs until rotary 1 shutter will activate A axis home switch and stops when needle is in upper position.
3-   M7----Activate a solenoid for release thread tension
4-   Run next G code Line (N04) –Movements of X and Y axis.
5-   Swap (A axis mode x Spindle mode).
6-   M9---Deactivate solenoid.

I think that maybe it’s necessary use Single BLK mode, to guarantee appropriate sequence.
In this way program will execute continuously, using only one rotary shutter for Macros execution.
Lasts post ago  explain me here, that is possible that Mach don’t have  high speed frequency operation for this quantity of operations needed, If we want to run embroidery machine at 480 Stitches per minute, Macro 900.m1s will be executed  8 times in a second . I don’t know if this is possible. May be is possible to do that Mach calculate this formulas when file is loading and later execute without calculations

Sorry my long post,,, is not easy explain all these, having small knowledge of this theme.

Thanks in advance for your help




I need to know if are any source for read and download information for learn about MACH scripts,
how to make Macros for Mach, and for all things that's aren't in Mach Manual.

I' like thanks again for all help received here,specially by Hood who was answer all
my questions here.

If I have a chance to study more about Mach, then I will come here to clarify doubts
but now  always are asking from cero,
Sorry to take a long time with my questions from Mach forum users.

Again thanks for all help, here is a great team.

Sorry my bad english. Hope you understand.




« on: June 03, 2010, 11:49:28 PM »

 I want to drive a stepper in continuous running like a spindle and drive it at different speeds. Mach will be set in Single Block Mode and speed change will be applied using a rotary shutter and optical switches.  I need to know.

1-In what axis in controller should be connecting it?

2-For Start may I use for example M3 S500?

3-What command stops it?

4-How can stop it at exact point?

Thanks in advance for your help.



General Mach Discussion / Activating a solenoid using Mach 3
« on: May 21, 2010, 03:08:42 PM »

Iam building a DIY CNC embroidery machine, and where are jump stitches
(bigger than 10mm x example) I need to activate a command
to release thread tension, preventing needle bending, thread breakage
or fabric deformation.

This command will activate a 12 volts solenoid (from car door)
who pull a pin in thread tensioner and release thread.

I neet to set a 5vd input relay / out put 12vdc, Any sugestion?
How can I configure Mach and controller connection for this?

Thanks in advance


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