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I am trying to auto regen the cycle screen when its selected because mach wont update the g-code nor the tool display. The issue is it isnt smart enough not to do it if its already running a program and really screws things up. To fix this I figured I would check the run, tool change and feed hold LEDS to see if they are active and if so bypass the regen. Well I can get everything but the run LED to work reliably. I am stumped because it works just fine if I test it with "edit button script" Maybe there is a better way? Here is my code... the commented out stuff I have tried as well.

Code: [Select]
'Change to page 6
DoOEMButton (6)

'Tool change LED
If GetLED (6) Then
Exit Sub
End If

'Check if its moving
'While IsMoving()
'Exit Sub

'Old Run LED
'If GetLED (4) Then
'Exit Sub
'End If

'Run LED
If GetLED (804) Then
Exit Sub
End If

'Feed Hold LED
If GetOEMLED (111) Then
Exit Sub
End If

DoOEMButton (160)

General Mach Discussion / Turn cutter comp work?
« on: August 28, 2011, 12:57:48 AM »
Anyone know if cutter compensation (tip radius) works in turn? This is G40 - G42. If so maybe someone could give me an example because the fanuc code I have used doesn't appear to activate it. ???


As cool as everyones designs are for turn they still never quite fit what I was looking for. I have decided to go my own direction with something I have had in the works for quite some time. It has always been a dream of mine to create a full conversational interface with a professional control look and function. With this screen set not only will it offer a clean professional layout similar to a real control it will also allow you to build full programs right from the multiple "wizards" that are imbedded into the interface. You will have full control of each operation. You can view all operations as well as delete last op and save the program you created. Just about anything simple can be programmed right on the IPS system complete with multiple tooling. This is very similar to what Haas Automation offers on there tool room series lathes. The amount of time I have put into this I will be charging a small amount for it when its finished if anyone is interested. Here are a few a screen shots of new screen in action so you can get an idea of what I am talking about. The cycle screen is not finished yet. I would love to hear feedback of any kind.


Works in progress / THE LATHE PROJECT - 2011
« on: January 08, 2011, 06:46:11 PM »
This thread will focus on a new lathe screen. Replies will be monitored and if out of context with the thread they may be deleted or relocated to
another topic. Nothing personal my friends, but initialy the task is hard enough without it blooming into multiple topics. So requests on  running a  lathe, or wizards,
or things just not associated with the actual development of a  lathe screen should be asked elswhere. Just want to keep it focused.

Our goal will be to improve on all the currently available ( free ) screens and come up with , idealy, the best of the best.
Should you have a lathe screen which you developed and want to offer it feel free to post so it can be reviewed.

The lathe has taken a back seat for a long time. There are shortcomings to MACH3  Lathe. This post is not about fixing the shortcomings  as
that is out of our control. It is possible however to make a more usable lathe screen that can be embraced.

Exactly how the wizards will be incorporated  is yet to be determined. There is a thread where activity on upgrading the wizards
is in place. I am going to create a seperate thread on the threading wizards.

So if you would like to give your time, expertise, and use talents towards an improrved lathe screen....here is your chance.
Back some time ago Hood reached out for input on a new lathe screen with the following questions ? and R  replies:

?What would you want to see for the standard lathe screen?
R- My personal preference would be a screen similar to mill in layout and with most day to day functions on the main page and other pages for the not so common/occasional tasks and diagnostics etc

?How would you have the screen? 
?What would you want on the pages?
?How many different pages?
?Similar to Mill layout or similar to the way the lathe screen is now or if neither what would you like?

R-  Seriously i do not like them to be too flashy.

R- There are many wasted items on the standard mill screen as it also doubles as router and plasma with all those unwanted functions as compared to a lathe screen.

? So I take it from your reply you like the way the standard turn screen is set up or is yours vastly different?

R- Mine is similar in that it uses large buttons for some functions it has a much more friendly layout.
R- Just had a look and was about to reply, to me that is more like the mill setup than the turn setup and is definitely my preference.

?Do a poll?
R -A poll, well not sure how you could make that up, just too many options I would think but feel free to do so if you think it would be the way to go. I thought ideas in a post would be better

R-  would like to be able to jog cont. and step the x and z axis in selectable size steps and control the spindle and coolant.
       Also a turret jog buton would be nice. And the gcode window and all its stuff. Edit, load, run, hold, stop, ect. Toolpath would be nice as well.

R- There are going to be lot of user preferences on the lathe screen since everyone works differently or has a different variation of  the basic lathe. 
R-  I have been using Phil's screen and it is much more user friendly and has some nice additions / changes  that were done. The current standard one sucks but once you use Phils screen and
     don't have to jump all over the place you would understand what i mean.  Visual switch mode status , enlarged screen fly out on thecycle / main screen, threading task / indication / and turn
     wizards with a click, additional buttons for jogging and visual status, additioinal Axis DROs and coordinate status at a glance are just a few things that come to mind on Phil's screen.

? How would you have the screen
R- must be different at a glance that it is a lathe screen
R - no "flashy" screen colors, what is important stands out or indicates in a non irritating way
R- not like the current standard one, but tabbed screens like the mill
R - step change the screens ( other than the main operating screen) such that it's it visualy guides you into
  detailed setup via flyouts ( example; a single tabbed Setup screen would visualy show the lathe along with
  coordinates, homing controlled point, offsets / tool table, at a high level. A click on a  particular subject area invokes a
  fly out with the associated particulars for data input.  The whole intent would be to make it somewhat user intuitive
  such that the big picture is grasped and work your way down to the associated detail.
R- yep, include additional items from the mill screen
R- tries to address the future ( like optional touch screen ), maybe some macro buttons, other / additional axis use)

R-What would you want on the pages?
R - Phil's screen could be used as a good start for an operating screen to enhance and modify
R- depends on some yet to be determined defined logic
R- ability to use a rotary axis ( i think in the future, as cnc lathe users increase you will see things added to the lathe to increase it's versatility....)
?How many different pages?
R- Operating screen, touch screen,setup screen, tool screen, diagnostics, advanced screen
     ( minimize the number of screens, but how manny will be what can be shown on the screen)   

?Similar to Mill layout or similar to the way the lathe screen is now or if neither what would you like?
R- simular to Phils main screen and incorporating all relavant stuff from the mill to enhance
R- A combination of both but different and better?

R- Personally I wouldnt use a screen that comes with Mach anyway because I am weird and just like the things relevant to me to be on the screen and nothing else.
 Wish it was easy to come up with a way to have a blank canvas and a load of drag and drop buttons so everyone could easily suit themselves but dont think that
 would be easy to do and even then there would still have to be at least a basic screen for new people to use until they decided how they did things.

R- One thing that deffinatley needs to be addressed is standard Hotkeys. They need to be consistant among all default screens. Mill, plasma, lathe, ect.
     Under no circumstance should the same hotkey be assigned to 2 different functions.
R- got a touch screen and would like to see a button on the screen to bring up the jog menu instead of using the tab key.
R-  Particularly a turret jog button. Also the most used buttons have to be on one screen, so you don't have to go back and forth between screens to find the Edit button for instance.
R- Would  be nice to have the machine coords on the main screen as well.
R-  a clear LED that shows if tool length comp is in effect and a button to go to the tools screen and back to the previous page.

VB and the development of wizards / Jog button in a script?
« on: December 14, 2010, 04:20:21 PM »
Anyone know if a jog button can be used in a script?

"DoOEMButton(312)" etc don't work. It moves the axis but it locks moving until a estop. It works on a flash screen just fine but not on a normal one. Any ideas? I need the button to do a few more things before it jogs is why I need a script.

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 bug tracking system?
« on: December 09, 2010, 03:16:23 AM »
Is there a system in place that tracks bugs and the current status of the bug? On many software projects I have been involved in there is a bug tracking system in place where users can report issues. The issues will be tested and verified. If they do indeed exist they will be added to a list. They they can be scored by users to put the ones at the top that need the most attention. Each bug can show its status and who is working on it. This system helps organize problems and get them fixed. It also gives valuable feedback as to what to focus on first. I am asking if this or something similar exist because I find bugs quite often and I keep hearing "that is a know issue". Well it wasn't known to me. I would love to have a place to look at so I know my limitations of the software and the status of a fix. Maybe this is beyond the scope of resources here but a simple list would sure do wonders for me.

VB and the development of wizards / Drill Wizard for Turn
« on: November 17, 2010, 05:58:55 AM »
I do quite a bit of quick one off stuff on the lathe that wizards work great for. Drilling stock is one of them. Since there was no wizard that I was aware of I decided to create one so I didn't have to use MDI or create a program. I have a quick change tool post so I can hold drills with that so I can drill using the z axis for advanced things such as peck drilling, chip break or feed in/ out (reamer). Its not quite finished yet but hopefully soon. Here is a screen shot...

General Mach Discussion / Soft limits issue on lathe - Need help
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:51:35 PM »
I am having an issue with my soft limits telling me I am over traveling on X every time I run a program. I just installed home switches. They are located at the far end on z away from the chuck and the far positive of X ( closest towards the operator) This is setup as front tool post. Everything homes fine. I can jog away from zero on X  and the soft limits work in both directions.  It slows and wont hit the hard stop. As I jog away away from zero on the X (away from the operator) I increase my negative number in machine coordinance like it should. Everything seems to be working fine manually. Problem is when I run any program it gives me a warning that I am over traveling my X axis on soft limits. I continue and it cuts the part as it should. What can I do to fix this warning and still use soft limits?

General Mach Discussion / v3.042.033 still the best for turn?
« on: October 18, 2010, 07:10:44 PM »
Wondering if there is an updated version of mach from v3.042.033 that works with threading (Turn mode). I am also thinking about using Windows 7 on the new computer hardware. Are there any issues or things I must do differently from windows xp? Any reasons why I should stick with xp or does it matter? I will be using a 32 bit version of 7.

On my Haas machines I have the ability to set the rapid movement speeds to 5% - 100% by pressing a button on the control. I want to know if this is possible on mach by say... editing the screen set and adding those buttons. Basically if I hit the 5% rapid button it sets my rapid speed to 5% of the max feed rate. I would like to create a 5, 25, 50 and 100% button. This is very useful for testing new programs. Helps avoid crashing the machine. Anyone know a way to do this?

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