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General Mach Discussion / Set up and configuration???
« on: February 04, 2010, 09:09:59 AM »
Hi, im new to the mach 3 forum and have just installed mach 3 for my cnc step high z s720. previously i was using Win PCNC but decided to change to Mach 3 as i really liked the 3D display and the easy of control and use. i had some problems setting it up but eventually got it moving, i got some help from a previous topic, so many thanks for the pdf on the correct setup.

im still left with some problems though...
i decided to run some codes that i had previously used with PCNC using the same vice and exact location that i would have used before, but i noticed my starting origin was different to my previous origin (i had a hole drilled in the exact co-ordinates of 200,210) and when i moved the tool to that location with Mach 3, the tool was off, it seems near enough in the x axis but my y axis seems off by nearly a mm id say, i no this doesnt seem a lot in the grand scale of things, but the work i do is very precise and needs to be spot on every time.

what seems to be the problem and is there any way to fix it? please say i dont have to go back to using PCNC for this work?


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