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General Mach Discussion / Maximum file size.
« on: November 06, 2012, 03:09:33 PM »
Hi I have a problem.
upload a file of 275,250 lines of code. (10.2 MB). I click GOTO ZERO, the motors do not move well and lost the reference in all axes.
I click Cycle Start and the machine moves at intervals and the reference is lost on all axes. this does not happen when I use files of 2 MB.
To Mach3 Gcode size matter?
my settings
Gecko G540
10A 45V source
Pc Pentium 4    2.66GHz     1.25GB Ram
GeForce 7100 GS Graphics
motors 425 Oz-In
thank you very much

General Mach Discussion / Auto Tool Zero Help with USB Joypad
« on: May 01, 2012, 10:43:21 PM »

Greetings to all.
This is my code for Auto Tool Zero
CurrentFeed = GetOemDRO(818) 'Get the current feedrate.
PlateThickness =12

If GetOemLed (825)=0 Then
DoOEMButton (1010)
Code "G4 P3" 'Time to get to the z-plate, 3 seconds
Code "G90 G31 Z-20 F600" ' probing move, can set the feed rate here as well as how far to move
While IsMoving()
ZProbePos = GetVar(2002)
Code "G1 Z" &ZProbePos
While IsMoving ()
Call SetDro (2, PlateThickness)
Code "G0 Z20" 'Change the Z retract height here to what you want, must be higher than touch plate
Code "(Z axis is now zeroed)"
Code "F" &CurrentFeed 'returns to prior feedrate
Code "(Z-Plate is grounded, check connection and try again)"
End If
Exit Sub

works perfectly, my problem is I have a USB joypad and I can not
activate the Auto Tool Zero function from the USB Joypad.
code for Joypad file M800

If SL And (Button = BE) Then
 DoOEMButton 1017
Message "Goto Zero"
End If
If SL And (Button = BW) Then
DoOEMButton 707
Message "Auto Tool ZEro"
End If

Change the code many times but I have good results, thanks for help
thank you very much

Spanish / ayuda angulos rectos
« on: September 07, 2010, 09:50:40 PM »
Me presento y un saludo para todos
Tengo la version R3.043.000.
El problema es que cuando mecanizo el perimetro de un rectangulo las esquinas me las deja con curvas, a mayor velocidad
el radio de la curva es mayor

gracias por sus comentarios

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