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General Mach Discussion / text
« on: February 07, 2007, 03:09:07 PM »
Is there any free software that will do easy text to gcode, like the wizard but with more fonts?

General Mach Discussion / Tool Probe
« on: January 25, 2007, 05:58:01 PM »
Just curious if you guys had any help or direction on how to setup the probe on my table in Mach 3 to allow for tool compensation, IE, for tool changes.  I already have the probe on the table just need to know how to get it working and setup, any help would be greatly appreciated.



I just purchased Mach 3 yesterday and it seems like its going to be a great platform to run my 3-axis router.  The questions Im goign to ask seem pretty simple but its really got me hung up for some reason.  Im not a newbie to the whole CNC world but jsut new to this software.


1.  I have the Max & Soft Limits set in the homing page to the relative size of my table, 580mm X 1600mm X 300mm. But whenever I jog around the table, I have the ability to jog my unti past those values, how do I make it stop at those values like the video shows?  My Slow zone is set to 2 on all 3 axis.

2.  When I first start the program all three axis are at 0,0,0... There home spot, I can then jog all of the over to any value and then reference them, they go all back to home switchs (0,0,0) one at a time just like they should, then sometimes I can load a part of just jog say X over 50mm.  When I reference X in the Dianogostics, it might only come back 25mm toward the home switch and zero there all on its own...   

Anyone with ideas will be greatly thanked...

Thanks for your time,
Justin Tidwell

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