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General Mach Discussion / Can't get motors to turn
« on: December 29, 2009, 12:11:04 PM »

I did a search on this very subject and have read quite a bit, but seems that although many of the posts cover my problem, they are all very different in nature so here goes:

I am setting up a 3 Axis system and am using a package from Kelinginc.net which is 4030 drivers using a C10 breakout board.

I am getting torque applied to the motors when power is applied to the electronics system so am confident that all input power requirements are set as I am also getting power lights where i am supposed to.

On the C10 board, I have jumpers set as follows:

Pins 2 - 9 jumpered for output
Pins 2 - 9 jumpered for pull down
com jumpered for com=gnd
input pins 10 - 15 jumpered for pull down

Pin 2 = x step  pin 3 = x dir
pin 4 = y step  pin 5 = y dir
pin 6 = z step  pin 7 = z dir

motors are just laying on the table currently and am trying to just spin them

there are no limit/home/estop switches connected.

PC:  Dell Dimension 2400   2.4Ghz CPU   2GB RAM   512MB Vid Card
       System Config => Hardware => Device Drivers => ECP (LPT1) at port 0378-378F

Interface:  DB25 straight thru male to male parallel cable

Software is Mach3 Trial version at this point

Mach 3 Config => Ports and Pins
        Port Setup and Axis Selection
           Port#1 enabled and set to 0x378 and Kernal Speed at 25000Hz
         Motor Outputs:
              X- Axis  Enabled   Step 2   Dir 3    Dir and Step Low off     Step / Dir Port set to 1
              Y- Axis  Enabled   Step 4   Dir 5    Dir and Step Low off     Step / Dir Port set to 1
              Z- Axis  Enabled   Step 6   Dir 7    Dir and Step Low off     Step / Dir Port set to 1

              Input Signals :  all off except EStop but that is set to Port #0 pin10

              Motor Tuning:
                  Nothing set but defaults of   2000 steps per     120 Velocity     4 Accel         Step/Dir pulse at 0

Just tryng to spin air atm.  Motors I have are Keling 425 Oz/in. will be using 10 turn screws right now until I get enuff $$ to up to 5 turn 2 start. was recommended to use 1/4 microsteps
based on that, really not sure how to set motor tuning.

Per suggestion from a gent at Kelinginc.net,  I put a meter between gnd - pin2 and also from gnd - pin3 on the cable and have 4.5vdc on each pin.
From a post I read either here or on cnczone,  when jogging mach3 using arrow keys, this voltage did not fluctuate, but remained constant.  I may be wrong here, but I believe that it should drop so the motors know that they are supposed to spin.

When I bring up diagnostics tab in mach3,  The only green lights I have are:
 - Jog ON/OFF
- Toolpath on/off
- X, Y, and Z Pos near top left.

I have run the Driver Test  and when the system is under Mach3 Control, in the middle of the screen, it shows a green horizontal bar about 1/2 way thru the width with a System Excellent.
Timer Variations although is hard to see the pulses as it is at the very top of that window at 80uSec

ready to pull my hair out.  I am most certain that this is definately an interface problem and not sure how to correct it.  Don't have the resources avail for a new PC.


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