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General Mach Discussion / smoothstepper port 2 not working
« on: November 09, 2014, 12:29:41 AM »
I am setting up an old digital meta machine with an Anaheim automation motor control. I have a windows xp pc and an ethernet smoothstepper along with a wireless hand control. I have the smoothstepper and the wireless control moving the x and y axis steppers (drive belts removed) but I cannot get the z to move. the z brake is on as I can feel the stepper fight me trying to turn it by hand. To double check the z wiring and the Anaheim control I swapped the 25 pin cables, the motor pinouts are the same for each cable x-z and y-w so with this configuration I should have been able to move the z with the x (yes) and the x with the z (no) and the y with the w (no) z and w are on the second port so with all of this in mind I think either the software is disabling port 2 function or port 2 is somehow disabled in the smooth stepper set up.

I have ohmed out the Anaheim controller (picture attached) and I have these wired straight thru to the smooth stepper. I believe I will need to make cable as the x++ limit is on pin 1 and from what I can see only 10-11-12-13-15 are valid inputs

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