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General Mach Discussion / Stepper direction one way only!!!!!!!
« on: July 10, 2014, 10:06:45 AM »
While machining the x axis freaked out and kept going in the same direction. When I stopped the machine I tried moving the table and the x axis would only go in one direction whether I pressed the right or left arrow. This happened 2 years ago and vanished when I updated the software. The problem has  reappeared again.
Is it a Mach3 problem or controller problem or a Microsoft problem ? Or none of the above?
Mach3 currently has version R3.043.067

Importing g code from Supercam into Mach3 and The surface settings taken from the code in Supercam are not the same as the settings in Mach3. Does Mach3 override the g code settings? In the code the Z surface in set to .285 and cut depth to .185
In Mach3 the surface is supposedly 0.00
I am still confused as to what determines the cutting depth. Or is this something that Mach3 can't do and I am unaware ?
I was raised on Supercam so Mach3 is a new learning curve.

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