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General Mach Discussion / Getting My Machine to Move
« on: November 21, 2009, 11:32:32 AM »
I've been running turbocnc for dos for years on my machine, notebook cratered and wanted to go to windows based so I fired up a new workstation with vista and installed turbocnc 5 windows with I think there is a bug preventing different pitch on leadscrews because my two axis that have the same pitch work fine but I cannot get it to move correct distance for my axis with different pitch no matter what I try. The machine moves great and very smooth but can't get my x-axis correct. So, I installed Mach3 and ran registry patch then drivertest, all worked fine and NO BSOD so I continued to configure.  I even tried following step by step of the installatio video.  No matter what I try I cannot get it to move correctly.  I've run into this years ago when I first tried it and just stuck with my dos program but now need to figure out why I cannot make it work.  Here is my setup.

Gecko 201's
250oz stepper motors
y&z axis 14pitch
x axis 13 pitch
1:1 gear ratio

turbocnc screen

I've tried starting with 2000 steps/inch all the way up to 32000 and all kinds of accelleration and velocity

any ideas on how to get me moving correctly. I can get it moving kind of but not correctly and not smooth and of course not in the correct increments

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